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The Big Move

Tom notes that it seems that the rest of his five-person alliance is remaining an alliance. Nevertheless, he is all about covering his bases, and he takes a walk with Caryn in which she almost disqualifies herself from being recapped for the remainder of the episode by using the expression "What up, Tom?," which sounds about as natural coming out of her mouth as it would out of the mouth of the animatronic Abraham Lincoln in the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World, but it appears the conversation is strategic, so I feel obligated to convey its basic meaning. Tom tells her that he's been "trying to think of different things," whatever that means. I mean, I often find myself trying to think of different things while Caryn is talking (puppies, angels, bottles of vodka), but I don't think I would admit that to her. Tom uses perhaps the most worn-out "colorful" saying in existence when he notes that Caryn is "more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs." So you know he received his complimentary copy of Yer Darn Tootin': Down Home Clichés For The Frequently Interviewed. Anyway, Tom says that Caryn knows there's this five-person alliance, and that this suggests that if all remains status quo, she'll be next to go. Caryn tells Tom that she doesn't see the point in his getting rid of her; she thinks it would make more sense to get rid of, for instance, Gregg. Caryn interviews that she's been making the case for a while to split up Gregg and Anonymous Jenn. (Incidentally, Anonymous Jenn is so spelled, as I finally noticed this week after seeing it written on her reward-challenge torch thing, to be explained shortly.) (Okay, Wing noticed. Or, I should say, Winngg noticed. ["Eh. We're all on the same" -- Wing Chun])

Anyway, Caryn reports to us that Tom knows Gregg and A-Jenn are a menace, but he's told her thus far that he can't turn on his five-person alliance. Thus, Caryn knows she's the odd person out in the final six. She and Tom bring the treemail back to camp, and Tom reads a clue clearly indicating a get-away-from-camp luxury reward of some kind. It also indicates that Palau trivia is the order of the day. A-Jenn makes this sour little face, like, "Why can't the challenge ever be tanning?" It also sounds like it's one of those challenges where you knock each other out, and I always hate those, because I don't think anybody really knows how to play them in order to win. I always feel like the combination of aimless offense and spaztastic defense results in a totally random outcome, as if, in spite of the fact that the tribe is in complete control of the way it progresses, you sort of might as well draw names out of a hat, because nobody actually knows what the hell they're doing. Anyway. Ian tells the tribe that he and Katie have made a promise that if they win a reward challenge, they'll take each other. "I'm playing hard for this one," Ian says. I have no idea how Katie secured Ian's devotion, incidentally, and I certainly don't think she deserves it. But anyway.

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