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The Big Move

The next question concerns where Palau lies in relation to the equator, which Jeff refers to as the "E-quator," with the emphasis on the first syllable. ["I wonder if they sell much IN-surance there." -- Wing Chun] Gregg and Katie get it right. Gregg steps up. He can knock out A-Jenn, or he can knock out Katie. And now he's screwed, because he made a deal with Katie, and A-Jenn provides all the canoodling he badly needs, so what's a boy to do? Tom "helps out" by loudly reminding Gregg that he made a deal with Katie, not that Katie isn't reminding him herself. "Is that horrible if I hit you, Jenn?" Gregg asks tentatively. "You'll never live it down, ever," she pouts ominously. Jeff asks Gregg if he just asked Jenn's permission to hit her. Of course, Katie asked Ian's a few minutes ago, so it's not that big a deal. Of course, this is more fun, because Jeff gets to do his favorite thing, which is slag guys for being whipped. This is Jeff's very unappealing Andy Capp side, of which I am not fond. Tom and Ian are busy heckling, with the "Be a man!" and whatnot. "You said, 'I'll save you,'" Katie firmly reminds Gregg. And then Gregg knocks her out. "You suck, Gregg," says an unamused Katie. Maybe Katie would have overlooked it if Gregg had tilted his head and giggled. Katie, unsurprisingly enough, hits Gregg back, so A-Jenn is in the lead.

The next question about the Elvis stamp is gotten only by Gregg and A-Jenn. So Jenn steps up and takes out Katie; Gregg steps up and knocks down Jenn. So here's where we stand: Jenn and Gregg are both one hit away from being polished off. One last question, and if one of them gets it and the other doesn't, that will decide the game. The question to the lovebirds has to do with crabs, which pleases the child within us all, and Gregg is the only one to get it right, meaning that Gregg wins reward. And whom will he be bringing with him? A-Jenn, of course. But then Jeff tells him that he actually will get to bring one more person. Tom, Katie, and Ian all twitch with excitement and pleading -- Caryn seems not even to be participating in the conversation -- and Gregg picks Katie, who immediately forgives him for screwing her over now that she's going to get a shower. "I am so sorry," Gregg says to the others, adding, "We'll pay you back." "Nah," Tom answers immediately. "We'll pay you back." Heh. Of course, some stupid nitwit at the network twists that into the title of this episode, and you will see up at the top of the page that the network nitwit got it wrong. Way to lose the witty retort, network nitwit. Tom, Ian, and Caryn head back to camp, and Gregg, A-Jenn, and Katie head out to the yacht.

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