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The Big Move

Later, we are at Koror. Tom is comforting Ian by pointing out that the yacht would have just been "the icing on the cake," and that they "didn't come here for the icing." But Ian has more on his mind than metaphorical discussions of dessert. "Let's go talk," Ian says to Tom and Caryn. "I have an idea." Ian interviews that, at the challenge, Katie chose to boot Ian instead of Gregg: "If Katie's willing to sell me out for a night on a yacht, there's no way she's going to hold onto me for a million dollars." Probably true. Caryn, Tom, and Ian sit together along the edge of the shelter platform. Ian says he senses that he and Tom have lost control of the game, and that it's now being run by Gregg and A-Jenn. He's convinced, in short, that Gregg and A-Jenn have now teamed up with Katie, and want to get rid of Caryn, Ian, and Tom and leave themselves as F3. Which...exactly. Ian tells Tom that, as Caryn tattled last week and Katie later admitted, they're certainly ready to vote out Tom, because they already wanted to and even tried to bring him on board. "And you think Katie's in with that," Tom says, more as a statement than a question. Ian says he does. Tom voices over that Caryn gave him a warning on Katie, but that he wasn't inclined at that time to take Caryn's word over Katie's. But now? He is.

Ian further argues to Caryn and Tom that Gregg is the "dark horse" candidate for winner, because everyone likes him, and nobody would beat him in an F2 vote. Caryn pitches in, pointing out how likable Gregg is and how he's managed not to make enemies. "What do you think?" Ian finally asks Tom. "We go for Gregg tomorrow night," Tom says. "Do we?" Ian asks. "We'd tie, wouldn't we?" Caryn says they would, because three will go against her, and three against Gregg. "I don't know what the next step is," Ian says. Caryn then interviews that she's suddenly had a huge reversal of fortune. I may have underestimated her decision to tattle to Tom last week, now that I think of it. "Those five had an alliance," she says. "Lucky for me, that alliance is breaking down now." She tells us her only hope is to stick close to Tom and Ian and hope for the best.

A boat takes the rewardees out toward the yacht. They're brought on board, and Gregg tells us that they were immediately told that they were going to be pampered. When they got to their bunks, they found their bathing suits -- not seen since they were marooned a month ago. Gregg has his red trunks, Katie has her pink bikini, and A-Jenn has her light blue one. They all grab showers and head up to the deck in robes to start their massages. Gregg says that with the massage happening, it finally felt like a vacation. As he lies on his stomach having his feet massaged, a strange man comes up and takes over for the masseuse. Gregg interviews that he noticed the hands getting colder and different, and then he got a giant smack on the ass -- which smack we get to see, fortunately -- and he turned to see his best friend, whose name is...Greg. I'm assuming it's "Greg" and not "Gregg," because that would just be too weird. Maybe it's "Greggg." Consonants are seriously kicking my ass this week, in case you haven't noticed.

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