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The Big Move

Later, Greg shares a meal with Gregg, Katie, and A-Jenn, and then a woman and another guy show up, and there is screaming and shouting and crying, because these are A-Jenn's sister Kim (or perhaps Kimm) and Katie's brother-in-law Stan, in place of her sister, who just had a baby and couldn't come.

Back at camp, the strategy talk continues. Tom tells Ian that he had wanted to take Katie out on the boat for the reward to firm things up with her. Tom asks whether Ian is sure that Katie is ready to jump from the alliance of five. Ian is sure. I think Ian is hesitant to tell Tom that Katie actually came to him about booting Tom last week, because it will make Tom wonder why Ian didn't share that information immediately. They discuss the tie that will ensue -- or at least could ensue -- if they do it this way. They provide a little exposition regarding the purple rock rule, which states that in the event of a deadlock, the two people who received votes become safe. They don't say this part, but the person who has immunity also remains immune. The rest of the people pull rocks, and at random, one of them goes home. Ian points out that Katie can be forced into switching her vote, because if she doesn't, she'll have to pick a rock and will have a one in three shot of going home. Ian and Tom then have one of the really important parts of this discussion, in which they agree that they are, in fact, willing to pull rocks if necessary. They don't want to, but they're pretty sure they're dead meat if they don't do something, so they're just going to have to hope for the best. They are agreed. "That's the plan," Tom says. "You and I are both willing to choose rocks." They shake on it. Ian voices over that they've decided to force this tie, and that it's a risk, but that they hope Katie will realize what she needs to do and switch.

In the shelter, Ian stresses to Tom that the element of surprise is critical. "Any leaks, and we're done," he says. They bring in Caryn and tell her that she's been acting for a couple of days like she anticipated being voted off, and they'd like her to keep on doing that. "Don't be chipper," Tom tells her. "Be down and dour." Heh. She says she can do it, and then she tells us in an interview that she's a very good actress and looks forward to the challenge. I suspect Caryn is indeed capable of acting snooty when the situation calls for it. That does not shock me.

The yacht pulls into a lagoon. Dolphins are seen. And it's all very nice, but what can I tell you about it? They are dolphins, and we have all convinced ourselves that they are the soft-hearted and huggable Cabbage Patch Kids of the animal kingdom, and that if they were people, they would speak softly of love and read The Bridges Of Madison County. None of which is probably true, but what are you going to do? The castaways swim around with the dolphins, convinced that they are experiencing something of nature. A-Jenn cries about how her sister got to see dolphins with her and now they're bonded for life or something. You know, I consider myself very closely bonded to my sister, but apparently, I simply don't know what I'm missing, because she and I have never gone swimming with dolphins together. Also, this is "the most magical moment" of Katie's life. Poor Katie. A-Jenn, for her part, "never wanted it to end." Yes, that's right -- she wanted to swim with the dolphins until she grew old and died, pausing only to allow passing boats to throw sardines that she would catch in her mouth.

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