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Jud The Stud

Second-to-last Tribal Council time! The jury files in, and Jane looks as sour as ever. Dan has a small smile on his face, possibly because he just saw that Jud has the immunity necklace on. In fact, the huge smile on Jud's face even gets a grin from Jane when he tells Probst he's feeling pretty damn good right now. Probst asks Jud if he had a fun afternoon with everyone trying to talk to him and convince him to take him to the end. Jud says that did happen, and it was especially funny to him after spending the last few days especially feeling like he was "on the outs." Probst asks for a breakdown of what the others said to him, starting with Sash. Jud says that Sash told him he would have honored his promise to Jud and taken him to the end if Jud hadn't won immunity. This makes the jurors laugh. Jud continues that he "saw through" Sash, who makes a sad face. Jud moves on to Chase, saying that he told him he would not have taken Jud to the end, as Jud expected.

Probst asks Sash for his side of the story, and Sash says he just continued the conversation he's been having with Jud for a while now about who would get the most jury votes. Holly has a reaction to this, apparently not realizing until now that Sash was having these talks with Jud all along. Probst asks Sash if he would have taken Jud to the end or if, like Chase said, that was a lie. Sash says he's made many alliances with many people. "No shit," the other Kelly blurs in an uncharacteristic show of anything. Sash continues that he's been "more committal" to Jud than Chase has. Yeah, so? Sash's commitment is obviously worth nothing. He just said so. Jud asks Sash again if he would have taken him to the end if Jud hadn't won. Sash looks him right in the eye and says he thinks he would have. This gets quite the reaction from both the remaining players and the jury, none of whom appear to buy what Sash is selling. Probst asks Sash if he "thinks" he would have taken Jud or if he definitely would have taken Jud. Sash says he can't say for sure since he never had to make that choice, but admits that he made an alliance with Chase and Holly as well as one with Jud. He made promises that he knew he would not be able to keep. Jane shakes her head at this, as if everyone else who ever played this game hasn't done the exact same thing. Even Chase, who is a moron, knew enough to promise people things he wasn't going to deliver.

Probst finally remembers that Holly is still around and asks her what she told Jud to convince him to keep her. Holly says that she and Jud were sitting in the shelter, like we really care where their conversation took place, and she told him that she was proud of his accomplishments that screwed her and her alliance over and that Sash is probably Jud's biggest threat in front of a jury and should be voted out tonight. She also told him that she would have voted him out tonight if he lost the immunity challenge. So now Holly and Chase look like the honest players and Sash looks like a weasel, a perception he is doing nothing to change. In fact, he's owning up to it. Because he figures that Jud would rather go against a sleazy liar than an honest housewife in the end. Not a bad plan, Sash.

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