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Probst concludes that Jud's vote tonight will be based on who he wants to sit next to tomorrow night, and Jud says it is, and he no longer has to feel compelled to honor his agreements with Chase and Sash since they wouldn't have honored theirs with him. Probst gives the non-immunity-having three one last chance to convince Jud to take them to the end. Sash goes first, saying that he is the "most honest" and "most committed" contestant to Jud while Holly rolls her eyes. Chase says if Jud wants to know who the most honest and committed contestant is, it's Chase, not Sash. Jud says Chase was honest, albeit "at the very last second." And Holly says she was also honest with Jud and happy that he respects her and thinks highly of her or something. That's not exactly a reason to keep her around. In fact, none of these people offered up the only reason, which is that Jud will beat them. Or if they did, it was edited out so as not to make it so incredibly obvious that Jud is going to win. Even though it already is.

We don't see how anyone votes. Probst returns with the urn. The first vote is for Sash, which makes Jane happy. But then, a vote for Holly. And a second vote for Holly. Will there be a tie? No way. Holly is the final member of the jury. She takes the walk through the graveyard to the Loser's Lodge, where apparently she was so hated that only two people bothered to be there to greet her, which sucks because I didn't think she did anything that bad to anyone. It also suggests that Jud should have kept her around because she wasn't as popular with the jury as he thought, and I think Sash is going to get a lot of votes.. Anyway, Probst gives his usual speech about how Chase, Sash, and Jud have gone as far as possible in this game and now the power shifts to the jury, which is full of quitters and bitters.

Holly's good-bye speech is pretty gracious, if a bit self-serving. She says she wanted to give up on Day 5 only to make it to Day 38, and that her family and "true friends" back home will be proud of her. I guess her fake friends will not be proud of her? I'm not sure what that was about.

So! The Final Three return to camp and pretend they're all friends. Jud says his strategy at the last Tribal was to show the jury and his fellow contestants that he's not as stupid and naïve as they all thought and that he knew what was really going on the whole time. But, he says, he's not done and has plenty more to say at the Final Tribal. Chase knows what's going on, too, and that he and Sash have no shot at winning against Jud, who the jury clearly favors. But, he says, now that Jud can't vote him out, he's ready to finally have his say in front of the jury. Sash says he just got called out on everything he's done so far and at the same time didn't know if he was going to be voted out or not, so that Tribal Council was tough. Cry me a river, Sash. Jud maintains that he always wanted to be in the end with Chase and Sash, but they apparently had other plans. Chase says that was true, but Jud forced them to break up their alliance and vote Holly out. Sash, on the other hand, plays nice with everyone before running off to an interview to say that Chase and Jud don't deserve to be in the Final Three with him because he played the "best strategic game." Back with Jud and Chase, though, he says he's really happy to be at the end with "two guys who are just awesome," calling them his "two wingmen." Jud says nothing, but interviews that when Sash called him and Chase his wingmen, he thought "you can take a backseat." Ha ha ha ha! I still don't understand why Jud hasn't been dancing around this entire time telling them to suck it and watch him win a million dollars tomorrow. "This is gonna be fun," he promises.

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