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Jud The Stud

The next morning. Jud wakes up, still in a great mood since he knows he just won a million dollars. The three guys walk to get their final breakfast and talk about how exhausted they are, only to perk up a bit when they see all the food waiting for them at treemail. "SYRUP!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Chase cries. Sash talks about what a treat the breakfast was, sounding just as phony when he's (probably) being sincere as when he isn't. It's like he doesn't know how to sound like a real person anymore. He says that he will do battle with Chase and Jud tonight even though they helped him get to the end, making them "the best of friends and the worst of enemies." And then we celebrate the all-guy Final Three with a shot of many sausages cooking. A sausage party, if you will. Chase interviews that for all they're smiling at each other and talking about how happy they are to be at the end together, he's ready to cut their throats tonight. To that end, he tells Jud that he's sure he won a million dollars in the hopes that it will make him overconfident and possibly cost him some votes. Wow, Chase. Way to come up with a killer instinct on Day 39. Kind of like how Jud's developed on Day 37. And Sash's began, like, in the womb.

While Chase is in the rain interviewing how he's ready to kick some ass, Jud and Sash sun themselves on the beach one last time before they get ready to go. Jud says he's focused and ready to play for a million dollars and go in "swinging." As the guys set fire to their shelter (again), Sash interviews that he's nervous about the wrath he's expecting to face from the jurors tonight but plans to tell the truth. Even though he may not be capable of that any more. Chase says that he's the underdog tonight but he's going to trade in on the real relationships he made with people that Jud didn't and the game he played that he thinks is better than Sash's to try to win some votes.

Chase, Jud, and Sash enter Tribal Council. The jury follows. Holly is looking pretty good all cleaned up! Unlike, you know, some other jury members (coughJANEcough). Probst makes his little speech about the jury having power now and gives the floor to the guys to make their opening statements. Which aren't really opening statements anymore since they don't get closing statements. They are just statements, really. Chase goes first and calls the jury "y'all" a lot in a standard suck up speech about what an honor it was to play this game with them before challenging them to "bring on the questions" so he can try to explain his "crazy" and "wishy-washy" game to the people he knows are angry at him. Pretty good speech, and much better than I would have expected from Chase. Jud copies Chase and says that he, too, enjoyed playing with the members of the jury, which causes Naonka to frown since she knows that she and Jud did not have much fun together. Jud says that his strategy was to just be himself and as open and honest as possible, then turn it on at the end when he needed to. He reminds the jurors that he didn't stab any of them in the back and for this, he deserves a million dollars because he will "have a lot of fun" with it. So, basically, a vote for Jud is a vote for no one since he's going to fritter it all away within a year. The jury laughs at this, because they love Jud due to him not being Chase or Sash. Speaking of Sash, he tells the jury that he also enjoyed playing with them and that they should vote for the person who outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the best. I wouldn't say that if I were him, since they're tied when it comes to outlasting, Jud probably outplayed them all with his three immunity wins, and I don't know that any of the final three did a whole lot of outwitting. So Jud probably has the edge there. Sash concludes by saying that the friendships he made in this game were real even if his alliances weren't. The jury scowls at him.

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