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After the break, it's time to hear from the jury. Brenda goes first. She congratulates the three, then yells at Sash for thinking that he could make alliances he knew he was going to break and turn around and expect the people he screwed over to respect his gameplay. Sash interrupts her to say that he is "remorseful" over what he did to people but that was part of the game and his strategy. That argument hasn't worked for like five seasons now (especially when you're up against someone who did no scheming at all), but whatever. Brenda turns to Chase and talks about their "emotional attachment," which is funny since Brenda doesn't really have emotions. Anyway, Brenda says it kind of sucked that Chase said he would never vote for her, and then he did, and "easily," too, she thinks. Chase says he fought for her the entire time, and that he was the one who told her what Holly was planning. Which is true. He says that when Jud and Naonka decided to vote for Brenda, he had no choice but to vote for her, too. Sash shakes his head, so Brenda asks if he disagrees. Sash says he thinks Chase could have "stepped up more." That was the wrong thing to say, because both Chase and Brenda point out that Sash did less to help Brenda than Chase did, not to mention that he could have stepped up himself and given Brenda that idol. Sash just nods helplessly and Brenda sits down. Jud smiles. He is going to get off very easy tonight.

Marty is next. He congratulates the three on making it to the end, then asks Chase to award someone either in the Final Three or on the jury Marty's "Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers" award. Of course, Marty is ineligible to receive this award even though he made the potentially seriously stupid move of giving Sash his immunity idol. Chase does not like this question or, it seems, Marty, and says he isn't going to give it to anyone in the Final Three since they're in the Final Three and the jury is not, and the person on the jury he really wants to give it to is Marty, but he's not allowed to. Marty realizes he's not getting anywhere here and moves on to Sash, praising him for being a "cerebral player," then explaining to Chase what "cerebral" means. Jud laughs. Chase rolls his eyes. This is the kind of shit that got Marty voted out, by the way. Marty apparently doesn't have a question for Sash, as he then turns to Jud and says he's changed as a person and a player more than anyone else in this game.

Holly, still looking great, asks Chase what his best "strategical" move was in the game. Chase says it happened in the beginning, when he took a chance and joined Brenda's alliance over Shannon's because he thought he could trust them more even though they were the minority alliance at the time. Hey, remember Sash's minority alliance? And how he wanted to be in the Final Three with people who weren't white? And yet, here he is in the Final Three with two of the whitest guys ever. Yeah. Holly asks Jud if his three immunity wins were "too little, too late." Huh? Of course not! If he won immunity any earlier, he would have been voted out before Ben. I think he actually threw some of those challenges intentionally for the sole purpose of not being seen as a big threat. Jud says he won immunity at the exact right time - when he was the next to go if he didn't. Holly then asks Sash if he ever lied to her. She wants an honest answer, but Sash half-asses it by telling her something she already knows - that he lied to her when he said he would never vote her out, just like she lied to him about the same thing. But he's really sorry. "I really respect you guys. I had a great time," Holly concludes graciously. The person who gets booted off right before the end is usually the most bitter, so this was nice to see.

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