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Jud The Stud

The other Kelly gets a chance to get more camera time than she's had all season, and she acknowledges that Sash, Chase, and Jud stuck out the entire 39 days when she couldn't make it to 29. She gives Sash 60 seconds (no one is timing it, though) to tell the jury how he outwitted everyone. This is actually a good question for Sash because it gives him another chance to make a case for why he should get votes based on his superior strategy. Instead, he just says that he created all of his alliances in order to save himself from being voted out and he's sorry now that he's getting "all this feedback" from people who are angry at him. "That is not the answer I was expecting," says the other Kelly, who did not, ultimately, vote for Sash. So I guess it wasn't the answer she wanted, either. Except she then says that she loved his "honesty" and thought it was "perfect." She doesn't have any questions for Chase or Jud.

Naonka is in just as good of a mood as the other Kelly was, so I guess their quitting wasn't such a bad thing for them after all. They could not be happier tonight. Naonka, who I must say also cleans up well when she's smiling and not being shot from the most unflattering camera angle possible, states the obvious about each contestant before asking if seeing his mother gave Jud the fuel he needed to turn it on and win all of those immunities. Jud says that he only saw his mother briefly at the challenge but that it definitely helped him get to the end. And here he starts crying, except I don't see any tears. Hmm. The rest of the jury wipes away tears, and Naonka says she appreciates Jud's "realness, like, for real." And that's it from Naonka. Well, that was unexpectedly pleasant.

Alina is kind of a punk, so she starts off by calling Jud a "surfer boy" before saying that she doesn't want to give a million dollars to a "boy" -- she wants to give it to a man. A man like Chase, obviously. Or Sash, who she asks to convince her that he deserves the money more than "the young guys." Sash is, what, five years older than Chase? He wasn't on Espada. Geez. Sash says that Jud was out of the loop most of the time before Tribal, to which Jud interrupts to say that he knew more of what was going on than they gave him credit for. I don't know; he sure seemed clueless on that volcano award when Naonka had to spell it out for him that they were voting for Brenda. Sash insists that Jud was clueless a couple times while Chase was "wishy-washy" and waited for someone else to step up and make a decision instead of doing it himself. How does that make Sash better at outwitting them, though?

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