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Probst grabs the urn and leaves with it. He does not jet-ski or sky-dive his way back to America and I still miss that segment. Sigh. Cut to the live show, and look who cut his hair!! Jud looks awesome right now. Actually all three guys look great - Sash especially needed to put that weight back on. Anyway, Hot Jud is in a great mood right now because he's about to get his million dollar check. And there's Coach/Douche in the audience! I'm surprised he'd show his face knowing that the great Coach Jimmy Johnson was around, not to mention the Also Great Swim Coach Holly. But he has no shame, so there you go. Probst basks in the audience's love for a minute, then says that the Final Three in the old vs. young season are young, so that "says a lot." Meanwhile, we've got "old" people like Holly, Dan, and Jane in the top six, so, whatever. Also, Jud looks really hot. Even with the too-long bangs.

Probst finally gets to the votes. Jud gets the first. Chase gets the second. Jud gets another vote. Chase gets a second vote, too. And then Jud gets all the rest, right? Actually ... not so much. Much to everyone (including Chase's) surprise, Chase gets a third vote. And then a fourth! Jud is starting to worry that he may not get a million dollars after all. Ah, but then Jud gets a third vote, this one containing a picture of a volcano and "420" double-underlined on it. Okay, I want to know who cast that vote. Was it Ben? But it looks like a girl's handwriting. Whoever it is, he or she is looking forward to smoking some of Jud's winnings with him. Although I have a feeling Jud got that party started early. He is about to win a million dollars on live TV while high as a kite. There's a fourth vote for Jud, who is very much looking forward to and expecting this win. And with good reason, because the ninth and final vote is for him. He does a cute little dance and goes in for a group hug with a bunch of people who didn't vote for him and some who did. And there's his family in the audience. He runs down to give them all hugs. Aw. Jud probably wasn't the "best" player this season or even in the Final Three, but I'm okay with his winning because I wasn't a big fan of Chase or Sash anyway. And ultimately, this wasn't much of a season so it deserves to have not much of a winner. Ah, but there's Jimmy Johnson running onto the stage, so I guess that means the Reunion show is starting! See you there ...

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