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Jud The Stud

Chase, Holly, and Sash come back with their third and final bag of pieces as Jud is just bringing back his second. Well, that sucks. I kind of wanted Jud to win immunity just to watch the rest of them suffer and squirm. While Dan struggles to untie his second bag, Jud runs to get his third. Meanwhile, back at the start, Probst can't help but inform everyone that the puzzle is the season's logo. I'm sure they all knew that already, but still, why give it away like that? It used to be that part of the trick to solving these puzzles was that you didn't know what they were a picture of. Jud finally makes it back with his last bag and gets started. He has a lot of ground to make up, as Sash seems to have his puzzle nearly solved. Holly, on the other hand, seems to think that the first "V" in "Survivor" goes almost inside of the "R." And Chase doesn't even have his Vs because that piece is still on the ground. Dan makes it back with his final pieces only to earn a "Dan, way behind!" from Probst.

Suddenly, Jud's puzzle is coming along very nicely. This pleases Probst, who says Jud and Sash are now neck-and-neck for the win. Basically, it's going to come down to who can get the blank pieces around the logo in the right spots first. Sash is too busy looking at Jud's progress to make some of his own, and Jud somehow sneaks past him to solve the puzzle and win. "Good job Fabio," Sash mutters, since it's never too early to suck up. Chase complains that he's missing a piece, possibly hoping that this is down to a producer error. But no, Jud quickly locates Chase's piece on the ground and hands it to him. Jud doesn't just solve his puzzle, but Chase's, too! He's amazing. Dan gives him a nice nod as Jud celebrates his victory by rubbing his hands together and sticking out his tongue. Probst puts the necklace back around Jud's neck and says he is going to be in the Final Four while either Dan, Holly, Chase, or Sash is going to the jury tonight. During the slo-mo walk of shame, Holly interviews that Jud's win is bad news for the rest of them, obviously. But she hopes they'll just vote Dan out instead. Yeah, I don't think so. I would assume that everyone wants to bring him to the end, right?

Jud and the losers return to camp. The losers feign happiness for Jud, who interviews "I won again! It was awesome, man!" He uses his victory adrenaline to start a fire, somehow managing to do this despite the fact that Jane put it out and thought she was the only person in whole damn world capable or worthy of starting it again. Chase and Sash complain about how the challenge wasn't "more physical" as if Sash would have had a chance then. Jud interviews that now is finally the time for him to start playing aggressively and stop sitting back and letting everyone else plot and scheme. He plans to do this by convincing Chase and Sash to vote Holly out.

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