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Sash and Jud walk off together as Jud interviews that his plan is to try to talk to Sash by himself without Chase wandering up and interfering like usual. Sash tells Jud he wants to vote Dan out tonight. "That could be bad for you, man," Jud says, pointing out that Sash would have a hard time beating Chase and Holly in the Final Three. Sash nods and interviews that Jud had many good points and Holly and Chase might be giving Dan too much credit as a threat. And Holly could get a lot of votes from the many women on the jury just because she's the last woman standing. Yes, I'm sure Jane will be chomping at the bit to write Holly's name down. And, Sash says, Holly could get votes from old people. Again, I'll bet Jane is first in line there. "I'm not trying to save Dan, I'm just trying to split up Chase and Holly while we can," Jud says. "You bring up good points," Sash says, but he sounds completely insincere just like he does about everything else.

Of course, Holly walks up at this point because she's always nearby. She asks Sash and Jud who they're thinking of voting out tonight. Sash says Dan, "of course." Jud agrees, which surprises Holly because she assumed Jud would want to keep Dan around. In fact, she thinks Jud is trying to talk to Sash about voting for her. Jud shakes his head almost imperceptibly and looks guilty as hell. While the contestants grab their torches and prepare to leave, Holly interviews that she's worried that Dan and Jud are trying to turn Sash and Chase against her. She says there isn't much she can do about that other than trust in her alliance and hope her name isn't written down tonight. That seems to be most people's game plans this season. To hope for the best rather than actively try to save themselves. And it's made for a thrilling ride.

Probst looks especially bored tonight as the five file in. He calls the jury in, and we get our first look at post-boot Jane and her sourpuss glare. Oh, and her gigantic hair that is like three times the size of her head. Lady, you are 56. No more bikinis, no more giant hair. Come on now. Probst starts by asking Jud how important his win today was. Jud says that it was obviously a big deal for him. Probst follows that up by asking if tonight's vote is about getting rid of the jury threat and keeping the jury goat around. Jud says it is. Thank you, Probst, for asking Jud to repeat really obvious facts. Probst then turns to Dan and reminds him how much he sucks and thus is a good choice to take to the end. Dan agrees, saying he has lots of money and so no one is going to give him another million, and that's been his strategy the entire game. Probst asks Sash if he thinks Dan makes a good argument. Sash says he does, because taking Dan to the end just makes you that much more likely to win. This is, like, the most boring Tribal Council ever so far. Everyone is just saying things we all already know.

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