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Reward challenge! Probst explains: one member of each tribe will be chosen as a "defender" and stand on a perch in the middle of a pool while, one by one, the rest of the contestants run, jump off a platform, and then, while in the air, try to throw a ball past the defender and into a net for one point. The first tribe to score five points wins a trip to a Nicaraguan farm for food, horseback riding, and fresh milk straight from the cow. Ew, on that last one. I like my milk cold and pasteurized. La Flor chooses to sit Jane out and put Jud up as the defender, while Espada picks Chase as their defender. NaOnka goes first for Espada, and while she might be a horrible person inside, I'll be damned if she doesn't throw that ball like a champion, sending it past Jud for her tribe's first point. Next up is Jill. She is also able to sent the ball past Espada's defender. Ben fakes Jud out on his throw and gets another point for Espada. Marty does not get a point for his tribe, as he sucks at challenges and he ends up throwing the ball right into Chase's crotch. Probst says Marty just hit Chase in a spot that "no guy" wants to be hit in as Marty apologizes to Chase and Jane just laughs and laughs.

Holly gets a chance to put Espada even further ahead, but her throw is kind of weak and Jud blocks it easily. What happened to my Holly challenge monster? Meanwhile, that other Kelly girl scores a point for La Flor, as her invisibility makes it impossible for Chase to block her shot. That ties it up, but now it's Dan's turn. He does not score a point, but that doesn't make what just happened any less awesome. He slowly makes his way to the end of the platform, stops, and throws weakly. Jud blocks it with one hand. Dan then jumps in the water. Probst is disgusted. He says Dan is not allowed to throw and then jump; he must do them both at the same time. "He can't jump either," NaOnka sighs, like, what did they expect? They knew this was going to happen when they chose him to stay in over Yve. And even with that, they're probably still going to vote Alina out before Dan.

Then it's the increasingly skeletal Sash up for La Flor. He gets the ball past Chase, but his aim is off and he misses the net. Alina goes next and she gets the point. Brenda goes for La Flor, but she, like her best buddy Sash, misses the net. Jud is on his way back up to the defender perch when he decides to take a short time out and pee in the pool. For some reason, he announces this. Chase is not pleased, as he has to swim in that water. Probst notices Jud treading water for a while and asks him what's going on. Jud replies truthfully that he just peed in the water. I don't understand any of this. Why didn't he just pee in the bushes? Unlike the ladies, he can do this quickly and easily. And if he just had to pee in the water, why announce it to a bunch of people who all have to jump in that water? Just do it and don't tell anyone. Jud doesn't think it's a problem, though, since the water is already "so dirty" and everyone pees in pools. The contestants all deny that they pee in pools. And just because they may or may not pee in other pools doesn't mean any of them peed in or think it's okay to pee in this pool and then announce it to a group of people who all have to swim in that water.

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