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Meanwhile, back at La Flor, Jane caught a fish! Several of them, in fact. She says she and she alone has been working all day on this, so she's planning to eat one of her catches herself, just like the Little Red Hen. She heads off to a spot in the woods to build a fire, cook a fish, and eat it, all without anyone else on her tribe finding out. I get why she wants to eat a fish herself and I'm especially happy to see it given that Sash and the others are all assuming that Jane is happily doing all the work and evenly dividing the fruits of her labor among them, but this cannot be a good idea. She'd be better off just eating the thing raw; how can she start a fire and cook a fish without anyone seeing or smelling the smoke? As the fish cooks, Jane says that she deserves this meal and since her tribe sat her out of the reward challenge and lost, she's getting her own reward. "Bon App├ętit!" she says, cutting into her cooked fish. And when she's done, she'd better hope she buries the fish bones and that large fire sufficiently that no one else in La Flor will stumble upon it.

And we're still watching Espada's reward. They sit at a big table and the farmer presents them with some fresh homemade cheese. They all coo over this, but, like that fresh milk, I'd be concerned that it would give me some horrible parasite death bug like I saw on an episode of House when a guy ate non-pasteurized cheese and his heart exploded. But these people are starving, so all they care about is eating. Holly starts getting emotional about everything, saying that their new tribe is starting to feel like a real family now that they've shared a meal like this. Alina begins to cry with Holly. NaOnka also feels an emotion, but it's anger. She shakes her head angrily and interviews that Alina is "grimy." Well, I think it's pretty safe to say that they're all grimy. And that NaOnka meant to say "slimy," since she follows that up with calling Alina sneaky and says she thinks Alina was just putting on an act to make her tribe feel sorry for her and not want to vote her out or whatever. NaOnka says that she's just as capable of pretending, as she is pretending to be Alina's friend until she votes her out. I love how when NaOnka cries in the shelter, it's 100% legitimate and the worst day of her life and everyone has to run up to comfort her and beg her not to quit, but when Alina gets tearful over eating real food for the first time in almost three weeks, it's an act.

Day 18 arrives, and so does the immunity challenge. Probst takes back the silly necklaces in favor of the return of the immunity gnome and explains the challenge: two tribe members from each team will stand on top of a tall platform with a long chute attached. At the bottom of the platform, the rest of the contestants pull on rope to control chute's aim. The two at the top will then roll balls down the chute to try to break a bunch of tiles. The first tribe to break all five tiles wins immunity. La Flor chooses to sit Sash out, which causes a long, awkward pause for some reason. I mean, it's not like Sash has any particular ability in the area of aiming a ball down a long chute and so sitting him out would be foolish. This challenge is something that pretty much anyone except Dan can do.

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