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While Marty hangs his idol in a prominent location, Sash and Brenda try to make Jud feel like he has any say in tonight's vote, asking him who he thinks should go home tonight. Jud wants three votes for Marty, two for Jill, and two for whoever Marty and Jill vote for, thus ensuring that Marty either goes home with the idol in his pocket or he plays his idol and then Jill is voted out in the re-vote. Sash and Brenda agree. Wasn't Jud all about teaming up with Marty last week? Didn't he say he didn't want to get rid of the idol? What happened to that? Anyway, Brenda says they'll let Jane vote for Marty, since she has made it known on no uncertain terms that she wants to vote for him over and over again. "I was the ugly duckling," she says. "You're a prized possession over here," Sash smiles, thinking his sweet talk has totally tricked Jane into giving him all of the fish she catches and never dreaming that she'd keep one for herself. "I'm a firm believer. What goes around, comes around," Jane says, with kind of a scary look on her face. She interviews once again that Jill and Marty were mean to her and she felt like an "ugly duckling," which is not the same as two ticks or peanut butter and jelly. The ugly duckling is alone. "I know I've gained the respect of Brenda, Purple Kelly, Fabio, and Sash," she says. Yes, you've gained the respect of four people, three of whom are being referred to by ridiculous nicknames. That's a group you want to take seriously.

Sash comes up with a plan: he's going to ask Marty for the idol in exchange for his promise that they'll vote for Jill tonight. Well, that sounds ridiculous. Why on earth would Marty agree to such a plan? All it would do is get him to one more Tribal, which playing his immunity idol tonight is going to do anyway. Brenda then talks to Sash just the two of them, telling him that if he can convince Marty to give his idol away, they'll vote Marty out tonight. Sash says the "only problem" he sees with this insane plan is that it'll leave them with Jill, who will now have no faith in her tribemates. Brenda points out that that's going to be the case no matter what happens. Neither Marty nor Jill is "that dumb" that they'd trust the rest of La Flor after seeing his or her ally voted out. Meanwhile, Brenda seems to think that Marty is dumb enough to give away his immunity idol. She says she's looking forward to being "super mean" (THESE PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO STOP TALKING TO THE OTHER KELLY AND PUTTING "SUPER" BEFORE EVERYTHING) by convincing Marty to give up his idol and then voting him out.

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