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Welcome To Our Ool

Probst then brings up the idol, asking Marty if his idol was the topic of conversation back at camp. Marty says that it was, and he counted on his "gut instincts" and didn't play it last time, but tonight he's at Tribal for the first time with no idol to protect him. Probst assumes that Brenda is somehow responsible for this, but she says that she only "thinks" Sash has it. "The idol is in my pocket," Sash says. Probst shoots Marty the most disgusted glare at this news. Marty just shakes his head and looks very sad. Probst asks Marty what the hell happened. Marty says he agreed to "transfer" the idol to Sash, knowing that it could "go down as one of the stupidest moves ever" but saying there's a slim chance it could work out for him. Jud says that Marty should be worried, as no matter what happens tonight, "we have the idol." Probst expertly picks up on this and asks Brenda if Jud is correct in using the word "we." Brenda says he is, since they trust Sash. Probst then asks Sash if he'd give the idol to Brenda right now, since she thinks it's her idol, too. A look of stunned panic flashes across Sash's face and he answers that he "might" give Brenda the idol "back at camp" if the group agrees to this. Right now, though, he's going to hold onto it, and "if there's a time when I lose trust in them -- or, I'm sorry, if there's a time when they lose trust in me" then he'll hand the idol over. Meanwhile, Probst isn't letting that slip of the tongue slide, and asks Sash if his "I lose trust in them" comment was a Freudian slip. Sash calmly says he didn't mean to say that, but he did say it.

Probst knows he isn't going to get much out of Sash now that he's proven that speaking up only gets him in trouble, so he asks Jud if he knows who Freud even is. It turns out that Jud is not as stupid as everyone, including me, assumed. He not only knows who Freud is, but he's also "a little bit familiar with Freudian psychology" and proves it by saying that perhaps that ninety percent of Sash's subconscious just overpowered his conscious mind. Okay, well, that was awesome. Probst's attempt to make Jud look stupid just got blown to bits, so he quickly moves on from him and asks Brenda if she'll be thinking about what Sash accidentally said later on. She says she will. So it looks like, if nothing else, Marty's idol giveaway did shake things up in the La Flor alliance a bit. Thanks to Probst crossing the line a bit with his questioning, but still. He asks Jane if she thinks what Marty did was a good idea. Jane says she's watched this show enough to know that when you give the idol away "it comes back to haunt you." Jane is all about karma this week. Meanwhile, she ate a whole fish and didn't share it with her tribe, so she'd better hope what goes around doesn't come back to haunt her.

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