While The Cats Are Away

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When an Elephant Walks By With an Itty Bitty Waist and a Round Thing in Clay's Face...

As we see Clay and Penny having a conversation, Penny voice-overs that they "pinky-swore" on their trustworthiness; Clay told her he was trying to get her into the final four. Penny asks which players comprise Clay's final four, and he responds, "Not him." Penny points out that with Jake excluded from the picture, only six of them remain, and Clay responds that they'll just have to wait and see who the other two are. In an interview, Clay says that when anyone asks him about his or her standing in the game, "I kick out a person and put in their [sic] name." Hee. He says he's done the same thing with every person so far and he'll continue to do so because it would be stupid to tell a person otherwise to his or her face. He doesn't want Penny against him: "I gotta put her ass on that jury to vote for Clay!" Clay then relays the conversation to Ted and says he told Penny that Jake was "blowin' [her] ass outta the water." He says Jake "screwed up" Penny's game, and caused the others not to trust her, while he goes around making alliances with everyone. He told Penny, "You need to tell Jake to shut his damn mouth!" Clay insists that he's not stupid, and they pat themselves on the back for knowing what the game is all about. As they giggle and high-five each other, Penny voice-overs that her "only hope" is in Jake not winning immunity. And has it not occurred to her that she might win immunity herself? God forbid, of course.

It's now evening, and the S7 arrive at a torch-lit challenge. Peachy wants Clay to "give it up," and Clay forces him to do the dirty work of removing the immunity necklace from his grimy neck because he doesn't even want to touch himself. Peachy reveals that this week's challenge will test the tribe's knowledge of Thai culture. They will be asked a series of multiple-choice and true-or-false questions. With each question the tribe members answer correctly, they will have the opportunity to snuff out the torch (they each get three) of the competitor of their choice.

The first question asks by what name Thailand was formerly known. The answer is Siam, and they all get it right except Clay. And really, who could have expected Clay to get it right when he admitted earlier he didn't even know Thailand existed? Penny immediately snuffs Jake's torch, while the other members of the tribe watch in confusion and Peachy announces that she's "sendin' a little love to Jake." Brian snuffs a Helen torch, while Jake snuffs one of Brian's. Peachy snits, "Feels kind of good to snuff a torch, doesn't it?" Helen takes out one of Clay's, and Peachy appears to bust on Clay's last victory by saying he'll have to "earn" immunity this time. Ted and Jan each take out one of Penny's torches, and Peachy announces that "just like that Penny is down two."

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