While The Cats Are Away

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When an Elephant Walks By With an Itty Bitty Waist and a Round Thing in Clay's Face...

The football on Chuay Jai's flag appears to glow in the dark as they return from the challenge. As Helen accepts their congratulations, the other members of the tribe drink beer and joke that they didn't know any of the answers. Brian says, "Snuff City!" and I sincerely hope he's talking about the challenge and not his latest film. When Jake points out that Penny "snuffed [him] right out right from the beginning," she lies that she did so because she knew he would answer all the questions correctly. In an interview, Jake tells us he was most bothered by Penny's betrayal. He's sure she had her reasons, but he has no idea what they might have been. Penny then explains that she wasn't sure what to do, but she thought snuffing Jake's torch might have demonstrated to Chuay Gahn that she and Jake no longer had a Sook Jai alliance.

Meanwhile, immunity-having Helen is completely empowered by the ugly necklace. She holds court with the other members of Chuay Gahn and announces that "The Snake has to go." Brian agrees, and Clay clarifies that Jake indeed should be next. In an interview, Ted disagrees. He thinks Penny is a "Trojan horse" because she acts charming and sweet, but has a distinct game plan. He points out that her charms have already worked on Jake, and that she's currently working them on Clay and Brian. In order to prevent Penny from getting even further in the game, they need to take her out now. Back in the group huddle, Ted asks if Brian's okay with something -- and it may be voting Penny off first, but it just as well may be a prearranged future grinding session -- but Brian waves it off while insisting that they talk about it later. Jake tells us in an interview, that he could see the others "whispering around," and he knows what's going on. He's been trying to get Ted alone to point out that he's the next to go, but he hasn't yet had the opportunity. He concludes by telling us it's not over until the fat lady sings, "but I think I can hear her warming up." With this, the cameras cut over to Ted making "la, la, la" singing sounds. And that's more than a "hee." That's a "ha!"

It's time for Tribal Council, and Erin comes in wearing a breast-minimizing black tank top. Mark Burnett will have to have a talk with her. Ken is wearing mismatched navy and black. Peachy spouts that Tribal Council is a place for the players to account for their actions: he asks if the first nine were voted out because of their behavior. Ted makes no friend of Erin or Ken by claiming that so far people have been ejected based on their prior actions. Although Ken and Erin manage to maintain straight faces, Brian looks at Ted with a "What are you thinking?" expression on his face. Ted thinks it will get harder to play the game so purely because when money is a motivating factor, people begin to think more selfishly.

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