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When an Elephant Walks By With an Itty Bitty Waist and a Round Thing in Clay's Face...

Jake adds that they've let strong people go -- and Ken and Erin exchange a look -- because of their actions, but that people are taking a different approach at this point in the game; he's personally focused on allying with another person toward a win-win end because that's how the game is played.

For the second week in a row, Clay sputters the "Outwit, outplay, outlast!" motto, and says that everyone has his or her own strategy to get to the top; he's sure that they're all doing "their fair share."

Penny thinks it's okay to be deceitful, depending on when and how -- the when being "always" and the how being "every way possible." She hopes that most people have been honest and faithful to her, but she knows it's a game.

Finally, Jan points out that there's more sneaky whispering around the camp, before Peachy reveals that because the challenge occurred so late in the evening, they'd only had a brief amount of time to return to camp to collect their personal items. He asks if any of them have something to say, and Jake pipes right up. He calls out the members of Chuay Gahn for claiming in the last Council to vote against people based on their performance. He says that although he and Penny both feel vulnerable, he feels -- in a performance-based vote -- that he holds up as well as or better than any of the others. Clay commences with the crazed eye-rolling in response, as Jake concludes by claiming he's curious to "see if that performance record still holds up." Peachy asks if anyone wants to respond, and no one does, not even to say, "I prefer to respond directly to Jake. With my vote."

Clay underlines Jake's name three times because he didn't like what Jake just said. Jake shouldn't be surprised if he's voted out tonight because, Clay says, "[his] mouth has definitely overloaded [his] butt."

Penny also votes for Jake because she's trying to stay in the game, and this is the only way she can do so.

Ted votes for Penny because although she's "very, very good" and her charm has worked on the others, he's not falling for it. Still, he wants her to "take care."

That's all we see of the voting, and Peachy's off to tally. Jake receives the first vote, and Ken and Erin look at each other and grin. I'm not sure if this is "He's getting what he deserves" grinning, or "We knew this would happen" grinning. The next vote is for Penny, followed by a random vote for Jan. There's another vote each for Jake and Penny, tying them at two apiece. The final two votes both bear Penny's name. As her torch gets snuffed and she exits the game, she has hugs and kind words for no one. Peachy then points out that the S6 have clearly endured a lot, and he reassures them with the promise that the last nine days will be even harder.

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