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Reward Challenge. This one is kind of difficult to explain; I don't think I understood until they started actually playing. There are three giant circles in the sand and each has a red drum and a yellow drum inside. These drums look like giant Tinker Toys. A red team member and a yellow team member will play at the same time. Each team member has to run around to the three circles and flip the drums over to the colored side and try to get all three colored side up at the same time to win. Opponents can unflip the other drums to prevent that from happening. Got it? Each winning round earns a point and the first team to three points wins a spa day, including bath, massage, manicure, pedicure and then a feast.

They draw for teams and end up with the Red Team (Abi, Carter, Malcolm and Pete) and the Yellow Team (Penner, Denise, Lisa, and Skupin). Kind of weird that it's young versus old if it was totally random. First round is Carter and Penner and Carter wins mostly because he's faster. Second round is Malcolm and Skupin and at one stop, Malcolm forgets to unflip Skupin's drum, so Skupin wins. The game is tied one to one.

Lisa versus Abi next. In her first stop, Abi flips over both drums to the colored side, so all Lisa has to do is flip over her second one and she wins. What the fudge? Probst asks her if she understands what's going on and Abi says she's really not. Okay, she not only had the game explained to her, she also watched two rounds played before she had to go and she STILL didn't get it? It's not that complicated. The strategy might be difficult, but the basic gameplay is basic.

Pete takes on Denise with the Oldsters Team up two to one. Pete wins because he's faster. So now the game is all tied up 2-2 and we're back to the Skupin vs. Malcolm matchup. Remember, Malcolm lost his round because he made a mistake. Well, this time Skupin mistakenly flips over Malcolm's drum for him (thinking he was flipping it back) and Malcolm wins. The Youngsters get reward and they are thrilled.

The winning team takes a catamaran to another island for their reward. They start out with fruity drinks. They all agree to take a day off from strategy and enjoy not being around gross old people. They eat food and take baths, wash their hair and get massages. Pete interviews that he needed this day off and he's smart and fit, so now that he's had food, he's ready to kick butt at the next challenge.

Before long, the winners arrive back at camp. Abi immediately start talking about how awesome it was. She won't stop talking about the food in detail while Denise and Penner are eating gross rice and beans. Skupin interviews that people are usually gracious when they get a reward, but Abi is flaunting it and won't shut up. Abi goes on and on about how beautiful it was, and doesn't seem to pick up that no one is encouraging her or asking questions. Like you know when you're telling a story and you suddenly realize that no one cares so you stop talking? Abi not only didn't stop, she went on for another thirty minutes. Someone asks Carter what his favorite part was and he starts to answer, but Abi interrupts him to talk some more. And more. Like I'M sick of hearing her and I'm not starving on a beach, plus I'm getting the edited version. I can't believe no one has told her to stuff it yet. Malcolm interviews that Abi has all the social grace of a Mack truck.

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