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A bit later, the four oldsters are sitting around rolling their eyes at how terrible Abi is, which might not be the best idea since Abi is sitting nearby and she hears them. She asks what they were saying about her and they deny everything, so Abi flips her newly-washed hair out and says that she's glad everyone else cooked today, because she won't be cooking anymore. She claims that she's been cooking the whole time and she knows she's leaving soon, so she'll be relaxing and enjoying her final moments. Penner says they'll continue to feed her and Abi sarcastically thanks him. Penner points out that they all know that Abi has the Idol, so she obviously will be around for at least five more days, and Abi doesn't really have a response to that since she was obviously hoping for someone to jump in and say, "Oh, Abi! We aren't going to vote you out! Don't say that!" No one jumped in, so she was left to soak in her own passive-aggressive stew. Denise interviews that she doesn't mind seeing Abi make enemies with her pouting and that "whiners are wieners." Oh, Denise. You could say so much worse about that dipshit.

The next morning, Abi restates that she's done cooking for the group. Malcolm and Skupin have a chat and Skupin notes that everyone is pissed at Abi, and meanwhile Pete has been sniffing around their alliance, looking for an in. Skupin would love to keep Pete and ditch Abi, but he doesn't see how that's possible, presumably because Abi has the Idol. Skupin mentions what he said to Denise previously, about waiting until they get down to six and then fighting it out. Malcolm wonders if they should wait that long to make a final four plan and they talk about how Malcolm and Denise are a bloc, Skupin and Lisa are a bloc and that's four people. Malcolm wants Skupin to make sure that Lisa would be on board before committing.

So Skupin goes to Lisa and reveals Malcolm's proposal. Skupin admits that it could be a big play, but he's also conscious that you want to make sure you have a deal in place before everyone else makes a deal without you and you're on the chopping block. Lisa isn't sure and Skupin says that they either need to make a pact with Penner and Carter or go with Malcolm and Denise. Lisa trusts Penner more than Malcolm, so Skupin says that now they need to talk to Penner.

Lisa goes to Skupin and Penner and says that she hasn't told anyone other than them that she wants to go to the end with them. Penner says that he's really comfortable keeping things loose while they take care of Abi and Pete first. Penner interviews that he's happy that Lisa wants to make a finals deal, but he thinks it's too early. Oh, Penner. If he only knew that everyone else is making deals and he's going to end up odd man out. Penner tells the others that he doesn't want people getting squirrely and thinking ahead. Oh, they'll do it whether you want them to or not; they're already doing it. Lisa interviews that Penner didn't want to make a deal, so she has no choice but to go with Malcolm and Denise.

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