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Cultural Differences

Malcolm, Denise, Skupin and Lisa meet in the jungle and make a deal to go to the final four. They do a four-way shake on it and presumably use all five fingers. Malcolm interviews that he's sticking his neck out, but he feels like he needs to make a deal. Skupin interviews that he doesn't totally trust Malcolm, but he doesn't feel like he has a choice. All he knows is that he needs to win immunity just to be on the safe side.

And it's time for the Immunity Challenge. It's a three stage challenge. In the first stage, they have to maneuver a buoy through a tangled rope; it's much like stringing a bead. The top five move on to stage two, where they will have to maneuver a buoy across a balance beam without falling off; the rope is wound around the beam. The top three move on to the final stage, where they will have to maneuver a buoy through the water, where the rope is wound around a raft and a boat. The winner gets immunity. Before they start, Pete reminds us that he's all fired up and ready to go and he needs immunity or he loses. But he's young and fit! And he ate a lot of food on his reward! He's a lock, baby!

Off they go! It's difficult to tell who is making progress for a long time, because they are just winding the buoy around and around a fence rail. Malcolm and Penner finally break free and cross the finish. Denise is next, followed by Skupin. Only one spot left and Carter, Abi and Pete are competing for it. And Carter finishes fifth, taking the last spot. What happened to Pete? He's young and fit! He just got beat by a bunch of oldies.

Stage two is the balance beam and we have Malcolm, Penner, Skupin, Denise and Carter competing. Skupin, Denise and Carter are all shimmying along the beam on their bellies, winding the buoy around as they go and it seems to be working. Penner is trying to sit up right and it's slowing him down. Malcolm falls off the beam and has to start over. Skupin finishes first with Carter close behind, and then Denise beats out Malcolm and Penner to take the third slot.

Final stage is the water course. You'd think Denise would have the advantage here since she's the strongest swimmer. They have to dive off a platform, climb up on a boat and then climb up on a raft, moving the buoy along the rope the whole way. Denise does get to the boat first. She winds her buoy around and then jumps in to move the buoy across the bottom of the boat before climbing back in to repeat the action. Skupin does the same, but Carter manages to wind his around without actually leaving the boat, which seems surprisingly smart for him. I mean, he looks like a dummy, right? His method might be slightly slower, but he is saving a ton of energy by not jumping into the water and then having to haul himself into the boat every time. Carter is the first to finish getting through the boat's hull and the first to head to the final platform. He tries his boat method of staying on the platform; Skupin and Denise jump into the water to complete the platform. The difference between the platform and the boat though is that the platform is in shallow enough water that Skupin can just stand there and move the buoy; with the boat, he had to tread water and climb in and out. Skupin takes the lead going back to the beach and they have one last knot to maneuver. Carter catches and passes him, and wins immunity. Wow. Carter. Who knew?

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