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Cultural Differences

Penner tells Malcolm that Abi and Pete are running around trying to sell a plan to get rid of Malcolm, but he turned them down. Malcolm interviews that he knows Abi and Pete are trying to get rid of him, and it would only take one person flipping to work. Malcolm isn't sure if he's playing the Idol or not, but he's considering it strongly and trying to keep an eye on his alliance mates. Yikes. Malcolm gives Skupin some serious side-eye while they are going over their voting plan for the final time.

Tribal Council. RC, Jeff and Artis walk in to serve as jurors. Artis looks soooooo happy. Abi smiles at him and Probst notes it, and then asks Malcolm if Abi is being sincere or trying to work the jury. Shut up, Probst. Why would Abi need to sway Artis? She didn't vote him out. The only competition she might have for Artis's vote is Pete. And Abi's not making the finals anyway, so why are we even talking about this? Malcolm says he's more concerned with staying in the game than jury management. Probst asks if Malcolm is really worried and Malcolm says that he's hoping the people who've pledged their loyalty keep their word, because it would only take one vote to send him home. Probst tries to get Malcolm to admit that it would be a good strategic move to send him home (and it totally would for maybe everybody but Denise), but Malcolm says he won't say that. But he knows people are talking about it.

Probst asks Skupin how you navigate knowing who has Idols. Skupin says it's always a factor when thinking strategy and things might get crazy. Probst asks Pete how it feels to go from top dog to bottom of the pack with one vote. Pete says it's not a good feeling, but he's been trying to work something out all day to get rid of Malcolm and his Idol. Why would you admit that? Aren't you trying to blindside him so he doesn't play his Idol? Pete's whole plan doesn't work at all if Malcolm plays his Idol. Right? What am I missing here?

Probst asks Abi if she regrets being such a crotch at the last Tribal. Well, he doesn't say crotch, but he should and maybe he would if this show were on basic cable. Abi says that she does have regrets. Probst offers her the out that it might be a cultural issue and Abi hops on it and says that English is not her first language and her attitude is not very gentle. Okay, a few things about that. One, Abi has lived in this country for something like ten or twelve years, so the language/culture thing is bullshit. Second, guess how old Abi is. No, seriously, think of a number in your mind. She's 32. She acts like she's 22, if that. And third, I had a former employee who was a non-native English speaker and who had only been in this country for a few years. She had a lot of problems getting along with people and dealing with students and we all chalked it up to cultural differences, and tried to work with her and help her and support her and you know what? Turned out she was just crazy. Other countries have crazy people too! It is important to be sensitive to cultural differences, but sometimes people are just cuckoo for cocoa puffs. And I think Abi falls into that category.

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