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Cultural Differences

So anyway, everyone is holding back laughter at the thought of Abi being a garbage person due to cultural differences and Probst calls them out on it. Denise says that she's spent a lot of time with people from other cultures and they are kind and giving, and Abi's not. Probst asks Abi if this is the first time she's had a group of people reject her and Abi says that it is and her friends at home really love her. Probst starts to see Abi as bullied, which is so laughable and Abi says that she brought Lisa into their alliance, but then doubted her and Lisa can't forgive her. See how she makes it all Lisa's fault? Abi brought Lisa into the alliance in the first place! And now Lisa can't forgive Abi this one little thing, which we know involved not only calling her out twice at Tribal Council but also delivering condescending lectures at least once and probably more often. Lisa says that she was committed to their alliance, but she needs to work with people who trust her. Abi says she understands and makes her "poor little me" face.

Probst tries to stick up for poor widdle Abi (would he do this for a guy in the same position?) and says that she seems to feel misunderstood and Abi says that she doesn't know how to explain herself any better and she's holding back tears from feeling alone. Probst tells Denise that Abi has no numbers and she's alone, so she seems like a perfect person to take to the end. Well, she has no numbers NOW. She has probably two or three jury votes easily and maybe more depending on what kind of final speech strategy she could come up with. In other words -- shut up, Probst. Denise goes in kind of a gross direction with her answer, which is that she doesn't want to take bad people to the finals. She only wants to play against good people. That's such a Big Brother answer. She should talk about competing against the best instead of putting it in moral terms. She's coming off as super smug here. She talks about previous seasons where people have taken "the dead weight, the unlikable person" to the finals and Abi interrupts and says that she didn't know she was unlikable. Well, YA ARE!

Denise continues that she was using examples from seasons past and not necessarily talking about Abi (she was) and Probst interrupts and wonders if Abi really didn't get that people didn't like her. Abi says that she really didn't and Probst says that he thinks that it really is a cultural difference. Abi just looks down and pouts. Probst goes back to Denise and asks her if she's claiming to be a good person. Denise says that she just doesn't believe in taking someone easy to beat to the finals and compares it to taking a poker novice to an expert game just to steal their money. Abi tells Denise she doesn't need to say anymore. Denise shuts up.

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