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When Probst speaks up again, Abi says that she's never felt so much hatred. She's acting like a teenager. She's 32. Just wanted to remind you. Denise tries to smooth things over and says that it's not hatred -- its frustration and brings up Abi's behavior post-reward. Abi interrupts Denise. Denise asks if she can finish and then says that Abi was gloating and Abi interrupts again. Denise asks Abi to PLEASE let her finish. Abi rolls her eyes. Denise brings up how Abi said she was on strike and Abi interrupts AGAIN. Denise makes a fact to Probst like, "Do you see this?" I mean, Denise has been able to get one and a half sentences out each time before Abi interrupts, despite BEGGING Abi to let her finish. How many times in your life does someone say to you, "Can I finish?" Seriously... how many? And if someone does say it, don't you shut up for a while? Denise tries to explain how Abi is showing her lack of reading social cues right now and Abi interrupts again to complain that Denise is manipulating and using her therapist speak to curry favor with the jury. Note how it's never Abi's fault? It's never Abi's fault. She is a sociopath. Denise says that she's done. Abi rolls her eyes again and says she's feeling like an idiot because she doesn't pick up social cues, but she won't stop fighting.

Probst really wants them to shuffle the game. Ugh. I'm over him. Anyway, they vote. As expected, Abi votes for Malcolm and then returns to complain to Pete that they were brutal. Who? Denise? She wasn't brutal. She was honest and maybe a little smug, but not brutal. How about how you treated Lisa in Tribal Council? Gah. Why do I bother?

Probst tallies the votes and Abi plays her Idol. Abi gets the first three votes but they don't count. Then there are three for Pete and two for Malcolm, so Pete's going home. Guess everyone in the six-person alliance stuck to it. Poor Pete. He had a good strategy but he just didn't remember the Boston Rob strategy of checking in with everyone in your alliance every day and making sure everyone is happy. He got cocky because they had numbers and assumed everyone would stick with him to the finals, not realizing that his chosen number two, Abi, was alienating everyone left and right. It should've been Abi tonight; hopefully it will be her next week. And then it's game on.

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