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At Samburu, Linda asks Silas how the water is; he says it's good, and she clucks like a proud mother hen. Lindsey tells us that Silas just got back from the water hole, and that Lindsey feels apprehensive. Frank and Silas then go off together again -- they're really not very discreet, and what's with the exhaustive plotting anyway? -- and Lindsey says she's not letting them be there alone. Brandon advises her to "go!" Lindsey skulks around Frank's and Silas's conversation just in time to hear Frank say that Lindsey knows people are talking. He also says, "Kimmy, she whines," and "Brandon, he's outta here." Silas warns Frank to be quiet, but it's too late. Lindsey tells us in a confessional that overhearing the conversation made the reality of the game sink in for her. She now trusts no one. Frank tells us that "the younger group overheard somehow," and panicked. Assuming "somehow" means "because of my big mouth." We see Lindsey approach Teresa and tell her what she heard between Frank and Silas. In a confessional, Teresa says that, "bein' pretty direct and not wantin' to be dishonest," she couldn't refute Lindsey's accusation of the plotting against the younger people. Lindsey then approaches Silas, who insists that Lindsey should trust him. Lindsey says she'll trust him if he trusts her. Silas says he'll trust her if she trusts him if he trusts her. Then Lindsey says she'll trust him if he trusts her if she trusts him if he trusts her. Got it? Lindsey wants to know if he's pledging his allegiance to everyone this way, and he insists that he's not. These two are a couple of very close talkers. It makes me nervous. In a confessional, Lindsey says that she is dependent on Silas because she doesn't have any other choice. Silas sits at camp, grinning and looking boyishly cute.

Two kangaroo-like animals eat off the same branch while standing on their back legs. They're cute. We'll probably see them shredding each other in five minutes. Boran checks their mail and finds a clue that invites them to a café where they might "find [themselves] saying 'no way.'" Kelly concludes that it's a "gross food challenge," and then insists, "There's nothing I won't eat." Lex says he doesn't know if he could "do dung beetles." Tom tells him not to think of it as a dung beetle, but just as a beetle. Which makes it better how? Clarence tells us he needs to eat everything because of the incidents of the past. He then says he'll even eat dirt, and if Clarence thinks dirt-eating is a bad thing on Survivor, he's in for a surprise.

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