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Previously on You Are Pre-Approved For Booting: Cao Boi had a dream. A dream involving credit-card applications, but a dream nevertheless. Naturally, this dream about credit-card applications convinced him that he needed to organize a tricky voting plan to split the votes of his tribe between Jonathan and Candice, forcing one of them to reveal and use the individual immunity idol, which neither of them had, because Yul had it, which Cao Boi didn't realize, which was a small flaw in his otherwise foolproof plan. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the sweeps episode of Everybody Hates Cristina, she was trying to recover with the tribe, but it wasn't working very well. An all-out wrestling challenge proved that Flicka is pretty tough, but Candice is really tough, while Ozzy is wiry but not particularly hard to carry around. Even though Aitu won the challenge, largely on the strength of its women, both tribes had to vote someone off. In what ultimately were pretty anticlimactic bootings, Cao Boi and Cristina were sent home for bugging people, because it's not quite close enough to the merge yet to keep people around because they're so annoying that they're not threats. Aitu got to eat some food, and they also got to kidnap a member of Raro. They chose Nate, meaning they would get to keep him through the next reward challenge, pecs and all. Thirteen left -- who will be voted out tonight?

The sun rises. All the animals of the jungle are called together to greet the son of the lion king. A pelican goes fishing. We are at Aitu on Day 16, where Ozzy is chopping a coconut while the rest of the tribe makes small talk with Nate. Jonathan says that he supposes their camp is nicer than Raro's, and Nate says that it has more space, but he thinks there are more coconuts back home. Also more hibiscus. I'm interested that Nate would mention that there are more pretty flowers at Raro's camp, considering the direction his comments will take later. Nate gives an interview in which he says that he "took it as an honor" that they kidnapped him, because he assumes it's because they think he's the strongest player. I'll tell you what I suspect is strong: the scent of that green stripey sweater he seems to be wearing every time I see him. I suspect it no longer needs Nate inside it to stand up in the shape of Nate. Nate goes on to explain that Aitu started asking him lots of questions, trying to get information about his group, and he says that he held back and didn't really give them anything of value. He tells them, for instance, that Raro eats lots and lots of octopus meat. You just gave it away, Nate! Now they know the strategy! Last week, somebody almost cracked the game based on credit-card solicitations, dude! These people are not to be underestimated! Nate says that he, in fact, is just listening to see what he can find out.

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