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Anyway, Nate swings down and gets a bag of puzzle pieces. He starts back. Ozzy brings back the last bag for Aitu, and he, Yul, and Candice carry the pieces up the ladder. Now, JessiFlicka, Becky, and Sundra are working on the puzzle. Nate finally gets back for Raro, and they all take their puzzle pieces up. The long and the short of it is that Jenny has some kind of crazy puzzle mojo, at least on this particular puzzle, and Raro solves it almost instantly. After sucking wind for the rest of the challenge, Raro actually wins immunity, and why? Because Aitu blew it on the puzzle at the end. Great theory, Raro nitwits, on how crazy it is for a guy to think that it was important for people who were good at puzzles to step up and be good at puzzles. Raro celebrates their victory extravagantly. Jeff hands them the immunity idol. Aitu will now have to send someone home, and they'll have the afternoon to think about it. They head back to camp.

We return to Aitu on Day 18, where Jonathan is giving what I think he intends as a pep talk about how actually they performed very well in the challenge. "It's not like they handed us our asses," he says, sounding even more like Alan Alda than usual. "It was just one of those things," he says. Ozzy tells us that he's "bummed out that someone has to go home." As usual, he sounds halfway like he's stoned, but I think it's actually his hair. I think that secretly, when you have that kind of hair, you talk like a stoner, whether you want to or not. He says that if it's him, then it's him, but he thinks that it won't be. He predicts it will be "someone else." That's quite a limb you're going out on, Karnak: "I predict the person voted off will be one of six people."

Flicka and Candice go for water together, and Flicka asks Candice whether she has thought about what she wants to do. Flicka kind of thinks it's bullshit when Candice says that she doesn't know, but Candice insists it's true. Flicka continues to push for the ouster of Jonathan. Candice tells us that there's been this discussion, presumably between herself, Yul, and Becky, about whether they should send Jonathan, Flicka, or Ozzy home first. Ozzy brings food and is great in challenges, while Flicka is crazy, and Jonathan is "kind of on the cusp" because nobody feels like they can trust him. Flicka now chats with Sundra, again trying to figure out what's going on. Sundra interviews that Flicka is "trying to be everybody's friend" to protect herself from being voted off. "I think Jessica's just covering her ass," Sundra says simply. "She was like a mosquito that won't die." We cut to a shot of flies on a spider on a snail, or something. No mosquitoes, but it's still a terribly dramatic cut.

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