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Flicka next approaches Becky, who also says she doesn't know what she's doing about the vote. Flicka says, again, that she thinks they should get rid of Jonathan. Ozzy agrees that he doesn't trust Jonathan at all. Flicka tries to get Becky to agree to "the four of [them]" voting Jonathan out, and Becky doesn't know who Flicka is talking about as a fourth, until she gestures toward a snoozing Yul. Flicka talks about how she doesn't think they need Jonathan for challenges, and Becky somehow comes up with a theory in an interview that today's challenge, in which they sat out Jonathan and lost, proves that they didn't need him. That is a very interesting piece of thinking, there. "We lost, but we would have lost by about the same amount if he had competed, so I figure the outcome really proves we didn't need him."

Later, Jonathan chats with Candice and Sundra, and Candice talks about "the funky vibe" back at camp. Jonathan, a little oblivious, sees it as a choice where if you think there are a couple of team challenges left, you'd maybe keep Ozzy for those and boot Flicka. If not, then you go ahead and boot Ozzy. Jonathan interviews that "overthinking" may come back to haunt him, and he says that people already think he thinks too much. I'm...not sure that's what they think, exactly, but I know what he means. He says that he's trying to be "one step ahead," and that he might trip himself up. He chats with Yul, informing him that the women think that it would be better to keep Ozzy and get rid of Flicka. He tells us that he plays the best he can, and his assumption is always that anything he thinks of, someone else has also probably thought of. Wow. If he assumes that, then he is a step smarter than most of the people who play this game. Because that's exactly one of the major things they neglect to include in their strategy.

Yul has a chat with Ozzy, asking him why he wants to get rid of Jonathan. Is it because he sees Jonathan as competition after the merge? Ozzy says that it's not the competing; it's the "plotting and scheming." My favorite objection on a show that is genuinely about plotting and scheming. Ozzy says that he doesn't trust Jonathan, because Jonathan asks questions instead of giving up information himself. Hm. I'm not sure I get that, really. Yul says that Jonathan makes everyone in the alliance nervous, and though he doesn't see a lack of trustworthiness himself, the rest of the alliance seems to see it, so he's wondering if he should as well. "It can't help but rub off on me a little bit," he points out.

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