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A weird discussion follows in which JessiFlicka thanks everyone for being honest, even though nobody's telling her anything about what they're going to do. There is plinking piano music playing, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to signify. JessiFlicka says in an interview that she doesn't know who's voting against Jonathan with her. She thinks Ozzy, and she hopes Becky, Candice, and Sundra, and maybe Yul. But she thinks everyone is torn, and that anybody could go.

Tribal council. Jeff brings everyone in. He asks Jonathan about the racially diverse mix, and how there's at least one person left from each of the four ethnic divisions of all humans that were discovered and implemented at the beginning of the season. Jeff says that he doesn't get the sense that the ethnic part has very much to do with anything at this point, and he asks Jonathan if he's surprised. Jonathan says that he isn't -- the game is the game, and that connections were made and merging happened, and what has determined the survival of different bonds is people's personalities, not their ethnicities. Jeff asks Sundra whether there's a tendency to bond with some people and not others, and she says, "Absolutely." She says that you can't calculate or plan who you're going to get along with, and that you can't force it when there's no "natural chemistry." You can pretty much translate that as, "Our motto is: No Weirdos."

Jeff asks JessiFlicka who gets along with whom. She says that for the most part, everyone gets along. She says she likes fishing with Ozzy, and that the girls all do things around camp together, and Jonathan and Yul like to go look for clams. Jeff asks Yul about the fact that JessiFlicka keeps giving answers that are "delightful," but basically provide nothing about the game. Yul says that people like that are cool, because it's not like she's going to be a threat. He likes somebody you can "take at face value." Jonathan watches this entire speech nervously, waiting for the cobra noise that means he has just had a surprised thought. It comes, which is, unsurprisingly, not surprising.

Jeff asks Ozzy about being a provider, and whether it's possible to "provide too much" and turn yourself into a threat. Ozzy says that he sure hopes not. He says that he's never been a hunter for people before, and he likes knowing that he has that responsibility. He says that if it causes him to go out, it's a pretty good way to go. Jeff then reminds everyone that the immunity idol will show up, if necessary, after the voting.

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