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Roller Away

So now, it is time for the voting. Ozzy votes. Jonathan votes for Flicka, saying that he really likes her "spirit," and he thinks she might have fit in better with different people. Candice votes. Sundra votes. Flicka votes for Jonathan, saying she still doesn't trust him. Becky votes. Yul votes. Jeff takes off to tally. When he returns, the first vote is for Jonathan. Then Flicka. Then Flicka. Flicka. Flicka. So that wasn't very suspenseful. She smiles, and then she comes over to Jeff in order to get snuffed. Flicka walks off, and Jeff gives his speech about "momentum." He's sure Raro thinks they have it. He sends them back to camp.

In her exit interview, during which we learn that everyone except herself voted for her, Flicka says that she had a great time and couldn't have asked for more. Except, of course, winning, but there's no point in dwelling on that. She also says she'll be rooting for Ozzy.

Next week: Brad is in trouble again. There is "a surprise twist." Oh, good.

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