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As the tribe sits around talking about having had to get rid of Cao Boi, JessiFlicka pipes up to complain that she wasn't told what was happening. "I'd rather be on the same page and know what's going on than not," she says. In an interview, she tells us that the vote "knocked [her] off [her] socks for a moment." That takes some work, considering just how long her socks are. She says that everybody went right along, telling her they were doing Cao Boi's Plan Voodoo thing, and then it wasn't that way at all. As Candice picks her teeth demurely with a stick, JessiFlicka tells everyone that she doesn't want to not know where people's heads are. Nate tells us that this happened because he "played [his] cards right," which...I'm not really seeing, unless he is the one with the Plan Voodoo, and he's making people do things with his mind. But Nate says that this was useful information to have, anyway. He says he'll be taking this information back to Raro, so that they can "make some moves." Secret moves! Tricky moves!

Yul, Becky, and Candice have a chat. Becky talks about how JessiFlicka is all freaked out about not knowing what's up. Yul tells them that he's kind of unhappy that she aired all that stuff in front of Nate, all things considered. It now appears that this threesome is the inner threesome out of the five-person alliance they've put together, so Yul says that the order of bootings would logically be Ozzy, Flicka, Jonathan, and then Sundra. Yul explains in an interview that originally, this was a foursome that intended to just kick off Ozzy, Flicka, and Sundra -- incidentally, just as many of us suspected, Sundra really was an add-on and not a full member of the team. But now, Yul says, everyone seems very uncomfortable with Jonathan. I secretly believe this is because they've all seen him in movies or on television and they can't think of where they've seen him and it's driving them crazy. "I know that guy, where do I know that guy? There's something so sneaky about him." And it never occurs to them that they know him from The Nanny. Yul says that the concern is also that Jonathan would be tougher in an individual challenge than Sundra, and they're all suspecting a merge before too long. I'm not sure Jonathan is a challenge monster, actually. Puzzles, maybe. I'm not sure he's an athlete.

Credits. I guarantee you, people are out there right now deciding that because there's a tree after Cecilia's picture, that means the merge will be next week. There's an entire science of credit-sequence fortune-telling, in case you don't know, and despite the fact that it's all utter nonsense, hundreds of hours are devoted to it. Thus concludes this week's lesson in The Internet: Go Figure.

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