Why Aren't You Swimming?!

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Roller Away

Candice is out at the platform. Adam heads out into the water to find the key Rebecca knocked down but did not retrieve. Adam looks for the key. Candice swims down to look for the key she got down. Adam swims in ahead of her with Raro's key, and Candice can't find hers. "This is the break that Raro needs!" Jeff announces. He is so unhelpful. He's the anti-suspense announcer. Everything he says makes everything seem less urgent. Now, Parvati heads out into the water. Candice is unable to find her key, so she finally returns to shore defeated, as Parvati leaps out and breaks the next key box for Raro. Ozzy -- whose swim trunks apparently permanently expose his butt cleavage, which is blurred at all times -- swims out for Aitu to look for Candice's key. He does not take a club with him, since he's just getting the key and coming right back, much as Adam did for Raro. As Ozzy looks around, he realizes that Candice's key never came down from the box, even though the box broke. The team hollers at him to use his fist, which...yikes. I guess Jeff did say the boxes were made of plaster, so it's probably not going to give him horrible gashes or anything. Proving that he really is rather fearless, Ozzy climbs up, and as he jumps through the air, he smashes the box with his fist, and the key falls. On the other side, Parvati dives to the bottom to get her key. So as they come back together, Raro is down by one key, plus the distance between Ozzy and Parvati, since he's a bit ahead of her.

Yul is heading out into the water for Aitu, trying to get its fourth key. Adam goes back out looking for Raro's third key. Smash! Smash! They're both pretty efficient. It takes Yul a little longer to get the key and start back, so Adam has Raro slightly less than one key behind as he approaches shore. Parvati and Candice go out next. They basically maintain their positions, even though Candice stops the key as it's sinking, before it even gets to the bottom, so she did especially well there. Nevertheless, Adam is out after Raro's fifth key before Candice can return with Aitu's fifth. But when she does get back, Ozzy is going, which has to be good for Aitu. Ozzy burns rubber, as far as swimming goes, as he heads out to get Aitu's final key. Adam has Raro's fifth key. Yul and Candice hug each other and watch Ozzy swim, looking very much like they are watching an approaching tornado in a Lifetime movie. They're both very pretty, so it's quite a visual. I think the actual reason is that this is your first clue that it's actually pretty cold on this particular day, especially since they're all so wet, and especially since Candice is already small and isn't eating. Ozzy smashes the box and returns with Aitu's last key as Parvati goes back out to get Raro's last key.

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