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Jonathan and Becky work on the locks on Aitu's puzzle box. Meanwhile, Parvati finds out that the first time she hit the box with the club, the key didn't fall, so she has to go back up again, reducing the likelihood that they're going to be able to make up this deficit at the puzzle. Jonathan and Becky have all the locks open, so they get their puzzle pieces out. "Parvati up for a second hit at her box!" Jeff says, and he doesn't mean it that way, he swears. Finally, Parvati gets the key as Becky and Jonathan are puzzle-solving. Suddenly, Becky gets all excited and starts jumping up and down, because she thinks she knows how the puzzle goes. Indeed, after this, it goes very quickly, and before you know it, Aitu has won reward. There is lots of hugging. Adam scowls. Adam is unhappy! Jenny hugs poor Rebecca, who still looks half-dead. Jeff tells Nate that his visit to Aitu is concluded, and he can return to his tribe. Aitu next has to decide who goes to Exile Island, and they send Adam, without thinking about it very much. I don't even know what would go into your thinking at this point about whom to send. I honestly think it makes essentially no difference what you do about sending someone to Exile Island when everyone seems to suspect that the idol is already gone. Jeff sends sad little Raro back to camp empty-handed, while Aitu gets peanut butter and potatoes and goes "wee wee wee" all the way home.

When we return from commercials, it is still the same endless Day 16 at Aitu, and they are enjoying their bounty. Apparently, they have both smooth and crunchy peanut butter. Crunchy rules! Smooth drools! I'm not sure I can think of anything off the top of my head that involves peanut butter and potatoes, unless you were making some kind of Asian stir-fry, which they aren't really situated to pull off. So it's not surprising that they seem to be just eating the peanut butter in great fistfuls. Candice and JessiFlicka are so happy about the peanut butter that they come very close to making out. Candice is really friendly. She loves everyone! But it's still cold and rainy, so when the peanut butter porn is over, Yul huddles with Candice and JessiFlicka under a blanket as JessiFlicka voices over that she hopes that they continue growing together and so forth. She is overly optimistic on a variety of fronts.

Day 16 at Raro. Rain is dripping from trees. I have a feeling they're in that kind of weather where, when it rains endlessly, it gets a little chilly and it's hard to get warm. I used to live in Portland, Oregon, and it's totally like that all winter long. Nate is telling a sad Rebecca that she did her best at the challenge and "stepped to the plate." He puts an arm around her. No hard feelings about being unable to swim from point A to point B without dying, after all. Rebecca tells Nate that she feels like the loss was her fault. Which, of course, it was. Nate says in an interview that the team could really have used him today. He seems utterly convinced that with his help, they would have won. He says he was frustrated, though, because he couldn't do anything and couldn't really compete. He insists that he's a good swimmer.

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