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Ozzy climbs a tree trunk as Candice voices over that he is "amazing," in that he's "half-animal, half-man." He's also part fish and part monkey. Ozzy kicks coconuts out of the tree with one foot as she explains that he's "kind of like the little jungle boy." Ah, yes. The Little Jungle Boy. One of my favorite Christmas carols. "Come, they told me, AIIEE-AAAH, EEE-AH-EEE-AAAAAHHH!" "Ozzy," Candice finally sighs, "he's just...Ozzy." As Ozzy downs a chicken liver, Yul tells us that he probably underestimated Ozzy at first. He's very good at providing food, but they're very worried about letting him get as far as a merge, where individual immunity will come into play.

JessiFlicka and Ozzy now initiate a discussion with Candice in which, as the two women lie in the hammock, the three of them discuss "a plan." Flicka says that the big issue is not trusting Jonathan. Candice looks uncomfortable. Ozzy thinks that the three of them could make a great alliance, since these are the two strongest women. Candice is all, "Three doesn't make anything," and Ozzy, who doesn't know which way the wind is blowing at all, apparently, says that they could join up with two other people -- Yul and Becky, for instance. Or possibly Sundra. It is safe to say that Ozzy is open to options. Basically, Ozzy would like to have an alliance with everyone except Jonathan, which is not much of a strategy at this point, if you think about it. Ozzy just wants Candice to know that he's willing, if she ever alliance. Chicka-bamp. He also tells her that if he leaves, they'll all starve. Ozzy opines in an interview that he's more valuable than Jonathan, because Jonathan "can't provide for people." He says, "If they get rid of me, where's that going to leave them?" Let's the same position the other tribe, which also doesn't have you, is in? He presses this point with Candice, then interviews that at least the people who stick with him won't starve. The way that Raro is starving without him, I guess.

We return from commercials and find ourselves at a challenge beach again. Everyone assembles on their mats, and then Adam is brought in from Exile Island. He hugs his tribe. Jeff tells Adam he had the worst night of anyone ever on Exile Island. Adam characterizes it as "extremely rough." Jeff asks about the storm, and Adam goes on for a bit about how it was hitting him and stinging him and so forth. He was shivering all night. Probably because he didn't have Candice to snuggle with him and act as a shield from the wind. Jeff asks if everyone is ready for the challenge, and then he takes back the immunity idol from Aitu.

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