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Now, Jonathan sits down and has a talk with Raro. He doesn't tell them that Yul has the idol, which is basically what I figured he would do. He simply asks them to consider the possibility that Yul has the idol, and the fact that voting for the one person on the other team who could possibly have it might not be the best move when the advantage is only 5-4. Before Jonathan can even get this out, Adam declares, "He doesn't have the idol." Jonathan stops, and I think he's legitimately surprised; he asks Adam, "Do you have the idol?" Adam says that he doesn't have it. Parvati immediately says that Yul was only there for "like, a day," and couldn't possibly have it. In his interview, Jonathan tells us that the other people on his team immediately dismissed the idea that Yul could possibly have the idol, which he clearly found irritating. He basically concludes that they didn't give enough of a damn to think through the problem of what to do if Yul has the idol. Jonathan also doesn't think they're "smart enough," and he's convinced that if they all insist on voting for Yul, Jonathan himself will wind up going home.

I really think that part of what happened there is that Jonathan has just come to hate the Raro kids. He thinks they're shallow, callow dummies, and I think that's why he doesn't want to work with them. It's hard for a guy like Jonathan to play with stupid people, because he can't figure out what they're going to do: they're not rational. No game trust. No intelligence, so you can't predict. I had a friend who was a fairly high-level poker player, and he used to tell me that it was incredibly difficult to play people who knew nothing about poker, because they behave irrationally, so it's very hard to figure out what they're doing. Obviously, in the long run, you'll beat them, but you don't always have the long run, and I think that's what Jonathan did here. He has a bad feeling about his chances with both groups -- probably correctly -- but he has a bad feeling about even trying to go forward with Raro. I also think it's smart never to underestimate the pull of screwing over people you think are assholes. I doubt it's even conscious, nor is it the prevailing factor, but Jonathan's got to know that shoving it in Nate and Adam's noses would be pretty sweet.

Back at camp, Adam, Nate, and Candice talk about wanting to vote for Yul, and that Jonathan isn't cooperating. Adam briefly floats the idea of giving Jonathan his way just this one time, and maybe going after somebody else, but Nate slams that idea down. Why? Pride! Pride, dude! He says that they can't let Jonathan come into the tribe and tell them what to do. "You and I are calling the shots, dog," says Nate angrily, hating the fact that Jonathan would presume to have his own opinion. Adam tries to point out that they can't be too reckless, because they need five votes with them, but Nate just keeps saying that they don't want to have Yul in the challenges. Adam interviews that Nate is sure it should be Yul, but also says he's kind of concerned about Nate in general, particularly because he's spending so much time hanging out with Ozzy. Candice says that Nate needs to "chill out."

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