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Flip! Flip! Flip! He's A Flipper!

Candice and Adam, sitting in the jungle. "This game's crazy," Adam says. "Bananas. Makes you think all the time. Bananas." Then he chews, and they kiss. Oh, how I wish I were joking. It's like two volleyballs running into each other. It's that warm.

Later, Jonathan manages to grab a chat with the Aitu-ites while the Rarovians are out in the water having a swim. He explains that it's a big decision for him, and says that he does feel some loyalty to Adam and Candice for keeping him in the game. He interviews that flipping on Adam and Candice now means that he's "the guy who betrayed every single person in the game at one time or another." His solution is to tell Aitu that he'd rather Nate went before Adam. Aitu tells Jonathan that this is perfectly okay with them. Jonathan gives us the final report that his choice was Nate, because he trusts Nate the least. Another smart move by Aitu? Not pushing their luck and not insisting on getting everything right out of the gate.

Later, Yul and Becky talk about the fact that Jonathan might just be playing them. He might just be trying to get them to vote for somebody else so that if Yul has to play the idol, the rebound doesn't hit Jonathan himself. So they're aware that it's a risk. Yul says that if Jonathan doesn't vote with Aitu, it will force Yul to play the idol, and he really doesn't want to have to play it yet. ["Or ever, I would assume." -- Wing Chun] Yul says he's hopeful that this will all work out.

Meanwhile, Candice tells Jonathan that Nate is convinced it has to be Yul, and Jonathan says he's "down." Candice wants to know whether Yul has done anything to try to save himself, and Jonathan says that Yul has done nothing. Candice is surprised, but it's safe to say that she's not surprised enough. "Been weird," Jonathan agrees, and that seems to deflect her curiosity. In an interview, Jonathan points out that he's fucked either way: either he flips and is "a complete bastard," or he doesn't flip, and he's "a complete bastard." Heh. "I don't know what I'm going to do," he says. "I wish I knew." I do appreciate a guy who can accurately assess his own very bad situation.

Tribal council. Everyone has a seat. Jeff brings in the jury -- Brad, Rebecca, and Jenny. Everybody looks nice and clean. Jeff asks Jonathan how the merge changed the game, and Jonathan says that the sleeping is a lot more crowded. Sundra says a few things about all the bonding, and then Nate confirms for Jeff that you logically stick with your old tribe when tribes merge. Jeff points out to Yul that, if that's true, Aitu must be in big trouble. Yul says he's just happy that all four of them have lasted this long, given the mutiny situation and their underdog status. He acknowledges that "both tribes are tight," so Aitu indeed was at a big disadvantage at the moment of the merge: "I feel like tonight is going to be pivotal." Yeah, no kidding.

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