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Jeff asks Becky whether she's noticed anyone having a particularly strong connection. Becky says that she noticed "body language" and the big bond between Adam and Candice. Adam counters by saying that the closest bond is the one between Yul and Becky. Becky takes this good-naturedly, but she says that it's "different," considering that she doesn't lie all over Yul's lap. Jeff makes a bad move by asking Parvati to talk about Adam and Candice. Of course, Parvati loves to talk about them and how they want to make babies. "I got booted out of my spot," Parvati notes "jokingly." I think Adam and Candice aren't the only ones who want to have babies. Adam snort-laughs at himself as he insists that he has two sides, so Parvati and Candice can both have a snuggle. Spee-yack. Jeff asks Jonathan if he's concerned about two people "pairing up" like Adam and Candice have done. Different, Jeff suggests, from the friendship that might develop between, say, Jonathan and Ozzy. Jonathan has the obligatory moment of gay panic, insisting that it's certainly nothing like him and Ozzy, har har! Jonathan says that "they're enjoying each other's company," but he doesn't see Adam and Candice as a real "romantic" thing. And honestly, there's a sense in which he's supposed to look stupid here, like, "Get with it, moron." But I think he's basically right: it's making out and canoodling, yes, but is it romantic? I don't think it has that "these people are falling for each other" vibe. It's more like Adam and Candice have hooked up over spring break, and I don't know if I count that as "romantic." At any rate, Jonathan says he's not concerned about it.

Asked how tonight's vote will change the game, Ozzy says that it will "set something in motion." Either things will improve for his team, or it's all over. Which is basically correct. "At this point, I think we're definitely at a pivotal moment," he says. Jeff asks whether Nate thinks camp will be different after this tribal council (hee hee), and Nate says he sure does (hee hee). He says that "both tribes are sticking together," so if anybody jumps or makes a move, it will show up after this vote.

Jeff goes in a bit of an odd direction by asking Jonathan how the show has changed him as a person. Jonathan says that he's "enjoyed every second of it," and that he's bonded with younger people, and he's tried hard to enjoy the experience, because he'll never repeat it. He calls the experience "profound and wonderful." ["Well, that was scintillating." -- Wing Chun]

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