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Yul now has a question for Jonathan: if Yul had the idol, and if he told Jonathan he had it, how would he know Jonathan wouldn't just tattle to Raro? Jonathan struggles for what to say, and winds up almost laughing at himself when he says that Yul would have know, trust him. After the mutiny and stuff: "What am I going to say? 'I promise'? Okay, I promise. And what's that worth to you?" But he doesn't really say it mean. He says it, really, like he regrets that he feels like he's left himself no way to work with Yul, because he'd really rather. Jonathan pretty much says that if Yul doesn't have the idol, Jonathan can't say anything promising right now, and if Yul ever revealed that he did have it, Jonathan would really have to think about what to do. The guys shake hands, part on friendly terms, and leave it at "To be continued." I really respected that conversation, I have to say. Jonathan laughs in an interview that it's going to be quite the "fantastic twist" if he has to flip back, because the guy with the idol is the guy he was with before.

Here's the other thing that is insane: Yul kept reminding me of somebody during this discussion, particularly because he was okay with making his pitch, trying to get cooperation, acting understanding about the other person's hesitation, and then coming back later to finish arguing for what he wanted. And I kept thinking, "Who is that like? Who do I know who was like that, whom I admired for being able to walk away unsatisfied and be patient and come back later and finish being convincing?" And then it occurred to me, and I laughed out loud: it's Dr. Will. Seriously. Yul and Will have absolutely nothing in common as human beings, and I feel like I will go to hell for mentioning them in the same paragraph, but I'm telling you, strategically, the only person I know to ever make a smoother approach than Yul just made, without coming off desperate or creepy, was Dr. Will. And no, I'm not kidding.

After some commercials, we return. A giant wave crashes, and there are whales, and then it is Day 27 at Aitutonga. Yul is having a little chat with Sundra, off in the woods. He explains that he wanted to make sure their foursome was solid before he said anything, but...he has the idol. Sundra grins with enormous warmth. She hugs Yul happily as he tells her he thinks he can use it to get Jonathan to flip. Becky emerges from the woods, and Becky and Sundra share this wonderful little dance, where...Becky is kind of walking toward Yul and Sundra, realizing what they're talking about, alternating fist-pumps in the air. It's sort of softly funky, very adorable, and quite hard to describe. Becky heads over and puts her arms around Sundra with a happy little giggle. Because now they all know, and now they all know they all know, so they can all just know and be happy knowing, you know? Yul tells Sundra that if this works, their entire foursome will be in the final four. Elsewhere, Yul pulls Ozzy aside and shares the news with him, too. In an interview, Ozzy says his only concern about this very positive development is that he'd rather have something he could do for Nate, whom he likes. Ultimately, though, he says he's planning to be true to Yul, and to Aitu. Yul and Ozzy share a happy hug about their good fortune, and they part again. It's interesting that, at least as far as we saw, neither Ozzy nor Sundra was put out that Yul didn't tell them sooner, or that he'd clearly already told Becky. It's always so weird when maturity shows up unexpectedly.

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