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Candice and Parvati have a chat while strolling along the beach, watching Ozzy fishing. Parvati says that if Ozzy should win immunity, Yul absolutely has to go before Becky and Sundra, because Yul is "really intelligent" and "a good competitor." And hey, Parvati knows from really intelligent. Candice wonders how Nate will feel about this, but Parvati assures her that Nate will do whatever they want him to do. Candice says that she wants Yul gone because he has these chats with Jonathan...

...and in fact, Candice goes and confronts Jonathan about said chats with Yul, though she does so casually, asking what Yul has been talking about. Jonathan talks in general terms about how Yul is obviously interested in some kind of an arrangement. Jonathan claims he just turned Yul down flat, telling him he was crazy, because Ozzy would never not immediately pick off Jonathan. Asked whom he thinks should go first, Jonathan says it should be Ozzy. Candice counters that Nate and Parvati badly want the first victim to be Yul. In an interview, Jonathan says that the morons on Raro want Yul to go first, but if Yul should happen to show up with the idol, he knows that it's going to be Jonathan himself who'll go, because he thinks Aitu will go after him first. He tells Candice that if they have the idol on their side, that's fine. But he points out that Jonathan doesn't have it -- and presumably she knows she doesn't have it. And if Yul turns out to have it...well, you can see how it's going. Jonathan reminds us that he told Yul he'd need to see the idol in order to act on any assumption that Yul has it.

We make our way to a challenge beach, where there are nine telephone-pole-type poles in a row. Jeff displays the individual immunity necklace that they all are now playing for. He explains that each of them will simply hang on a pole as long as possible. I love it when they give me one that doesn't require use of the word "thingy" to explain it. The poles have a few rings of thin rope around them that you can use as footholds, but you can't use the top of the pole for anything. The contestants all climb up ladders and wrap around their poles, at which point Jeff declares the challenge underway. Candice looks very cool from the beginning. On the flip side, Nate looks incredibly uncomfortable from the beginning. Adam also looks bad. It's clear early on that these two gym guys are the least cut out for this challenge, for whatever combination of reasons. Adam's feet start to tremble and twitch as he clutches, and he falls off the pole with nine minutes gone. Great showing, studly.

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