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Flip! Flip! Flip! He's A Flipper!

So now, as you might reasonably have anticipated, it's Ozzy and Candice. Candice blows him a kiss, It rains harder, because the universe thinks she should not blow kisses idly. Candice inches down the pole. Jeff points out that this is her first move in "over two hours," and then she slides down again. Ozzy has not moved an inch from the top of the pole. Candice jumps down at two hours and fifteen minutes, Ozzy having never budged. He wins immunity. "I feel like an old man," he says. Jeff puts the necklace around Ozzy, and sends the tribe back to camp to figure out what they're doing about the vote. Should be easy, right? Sure! Future looks bright! Tribe against tribe!

After commercials, we are back at camp. Asked if her feet hurt, Candice confirms that they do, and then accepts deserved props for staying up on the pole so long. Ozzy claims that, after an hour, he was thinking, "This is gonna suck." I like that the other guys were all gone by the time Ozzy started thinking it wasn't fun. Nate tells us he's glad that Ozzy got immunity, because Nate respects him. Candice asks Ozzy how much longer he could have stayed up, and Ozzy makes it clear that he wasn't particularly close to dropping out. Adam interviews that he thinks today just proves why they need to get rid of Ozzy, but since they can't, tonight, they will be getting rid of Yul. In an interview, Parvati says that you have to get rid of Yul at this point, because he's so incredibly smart. She calls him "Mr. Harvard Yale Stanford Guy," adding that he's also very strong, so they want him out as quickly as possible. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking about my future, and it's my glorious life as Mrs. Harvard Yale Stanford Guy!

Yul meets Jonathan as the latter comes back from a successful fishing expedition. Yul immediately gets down to business, telling Jonathan that what they discussed hypothetically is the actual factual situation. He says that he has the idol, and then takes it out to show it Jonathan. "Holy shit," says Jonathan as Yul dangles the magic compass. Yul says, "I'm asking you for both of our sakes to become my ally again." Jonathan interviews that he wasn't exactly shocked to see that Yul had the idol, given the chat they had already had. He says that this is a huge decision, whether to flip again. He also says that Yul made it clear that the choices were to vote with the former Aitu, or to go home himself. This is why I assumed that Jonathan would simply go directly to Raro and tell them what Yul said, at which point they could vote out Becky or Sundra. We now watch as Yul tells Jonathan that he'd really prefer to go to F2 with Jonathan, because he thinks he has a better chance against Jonathan than against the rest of his allies. Jonathan tells Yul he appreciates the peek at the idol, and that he'll certainly think about it. "To be continued," Yul says again. Somewhere, Dr. Will nods his approval.

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