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In any case, this brings us to the vote. Clarence says he respects Lex for explaining the situation to him man-to-man, but that he still wants to make it harder for Lex "on [his] way to winning this thing." Whoever Brandon votes for is "a really nice guy" for whom Brandon doesn't want to vote, but does anyway. Lex says Clarence made some "huge mistakes" at the start of the game and adds, "But you've come a long way, my friend." He says that Clarence is too big a threat and concludes, "Sorry, brother." Teresa calls Lex a "wonderful, fascinating person," but adds that she is threatened by his leadership skills and strength. That's all we see, and Peachy leaves to tally.

The first vote is for Clarence, the second for Lex, and the third for Clarence. Lex receives the fourth vote, and his head whips around with surprise. The remaining votes, however, are all for Clarence. Even Peachy sounds demoralized as he reads the deciding vote. As Clarence leaves, Peachy tells the others that no matter where they end up in the standings now, they'll have a significant impact, because they'll all be members of the jury.

Next week on Survivor: a clips show. But the week after that, Lex wants to know who voted for him, goddammit! He doesn't say that, but you know it's what he's thinking.

Over the credits, we confirm that the remaining members of Moto Maji all voted for Clarence, who tells us that he'd hoped Boran would have more loyalty, but that he's done nothing to shame his mother, who I suppose is an advocate of bean thievery.

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