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Survivor: The Musical

The S10 assume their positions and stand around, looking very serious, with their hands in the air. Brandon has an itch and instead of scratching it with his free hand wriggles his mouth around -- more motion than if he'd just scratched it normally. I would not enjoy this challenge. Mostly, the S10 look sad and quiet. Peachy taunts Kimp by asking if her back is getting to her; she answers, "A little bit," and smiles sweetly. He then gets in a jab: "Well, we're ten minutes in. I figure it'll go several hours." He moves on to Kelly, who says, "I love doing this. I do this at home." She adds, "You don't get this enough in life, I find." Look out! A woman who knows how to handle a Peach. She can't handle a bucket, however, and it falls on her after only fourteen minutes. She's surprised, so I guess -- as it appears to happen with most of the others, as well -- that her hand involuntarily jerked, thus pulling the bucket's contents down on her. Peachy barks, "Kelly! Benches!" and before she even sits down, Kimj is out, too. Ethan, meanwhile, is in deep inspection of his arm. Kimj and Kelly probably have not had a chance to talk since the re-division of the tribe, so they trade all sorts of gossip and conversation. They're both pleased that Silas got ejected. Kelly then tells Kimj that they don't want Frank on the jury, because he "hates women and doesn't want a woman to win, period." And Kelly would know this how? She hasn't even met Frank yet. And sure, there are misogynist husbands and fathers-of-daughers in this world, but I'm not convinced Frank is leading that charge. After eighteen minutes, Brandon decides to "screw it" and pulls his rope. Kimp calls him "B" and wants to know how it feels, but she finds out soon enough when she's the next to go, at thirty-six minutes. Tom's out at forty-four minutes, and he seems surprised when the water hits him. We then watch Frank just staring up at his bucket and perhaps even tugging on the rope to test the slackness. Kelly and Kimj whisper about what he's doing, and I think Kelly says, "Come on Frank, dummy!" but I'm not entirely confident. It appears that the entire gallery of losers is rooting against poor Frank. Brandon explains to the others about how tired Frank and Ethan seem, which is strange since they can see it for themselves. He says that Frank is "all over the place"; then Frank's bucket tips at fifty-five minutes. Brandon starts cheerily clapping at Frank's demise until a reprimanding elbow from Kimp causes him to unconvincingly say, "Aw, good job, Frank." ["Which was really quite funny." -- Wing Chun]

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