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The Rubbing Out of Amazon Rob

On the beach, the Robs have a Rob summit. It's Rob-o-rama. The Festival of Robs. It's Robapalooza. It's Robfest 2004. Well, you see my point. B-Rob tells A-Rob that he thinks they would make "good allies." A-Rob agrees a little too happily, in a manner that I think reveals his insecurity, and he asks if B-Rob would be okay with getting rid of Alicia before Sue. B-Rob essentially agrees, signing on in theory to an alliance of himself, Amber, and A-Rob, and A-Rob replies that while he does sometimes get "paranoid," he'll go along as long as he has B-Rob's "assurance." "You wanna shake on it?" B-Rob offers. They do. And if you believe B-Rob just because he offers to shake on something, you are a great, great fool. A nervous A-Rob -- who I think knows, deep down, that this is too good to be true -- interviews that indeed, he isn't feeling so terrifically secure about this new alliance, but it doesn't seem like he thinks he has a lot of choices. "I've got his back, and a deal's a deal," he says. ["If he couldn't engineer a turnaround by pointing out to Sue, Big Tom, and Alicia that B-Rob and Amber already represent a sub-alliance that should be busted up as soon as possible, then he's really just not as clever as he thinks he is -- or that he was in Amazon, for that matter." -- Wing Chun] Everybody eats some rice for dinner, and if you're paying attention -- or even if you're not -- you'll see that A-Rob is sitting all by himself while everybody else sits together. Subtlety: it's a good thing.

B-Rob interviews that one of three people will be going. Could be A-Rob, could be Sue, could be Alicia. And when he makes up his mind, that'll be the person who goes. Bleh. Yeah, once the Sleazestache and the big talk both kick in, it's really just the shoulders that are left, and while I like shoulders, I don't like shoulders that much.

Tribal council. They all dip their torches to get fire, what with its being their first trip to tribal council and all. Jeff asks about the first twelve days, and he starts with Big Tom. Tom admits that the challenges so far have been pretty physically demanding, and have required him to "suck it up," adding, "When you go all-out as this tribe has done on every challenge, it'll git to you." Asked to compare the physical demands of this round to previous rounds, A-Rob says that it is much more difficult, but he also says that it's "what [they] signed up for; this is All-Star." In a really weird question that makes me wonder what Jeff was getting at, he asks Amber, "Is there anything in your normal life that you notice you're able to contribute out here?" Huh? She answers that she's good at keeping her cool and not losing her temper, unlike some people she could mention, but won't. Well, until Jeff asks her to, at which point she says that B-Rob and Alicia do have a tendency to fight a certain amount. They both protest -- heh -- that they've really only fought the one time (over the shelter/fire, I assume they're saying), and that they've gotten along since then. Which actually has occurred to me as well. Asked about the impact of losing the challenge, Sue says that she thinks it actually made them more dangerous in the future, and she agrees when Jeff asks whether this was because they "gave [them]selves a wake-up call." I hate when I have to give myself a wake-up call. It means I have to get up at least five minutes or so before I want to wake up. Jeff asks Big Tom how he's doing after the extremely punishing experience of the immunity challenge, when he got pounded like a veal cutlet every time he turned around. Big Tom fails to come through with anything particularly good, to my disappointment, falling back again on the old "what was the tag number on the truck that hit me?" joke, which...meh. Never use a joke that could easily have shown up on The Beverly Hillbillies. Even if you're Big Tom.

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