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The Rubbing Out of Amazon Rob

Now, Jeff finally leaves the nookie talk and discusses how the voting will actually be done. Big Tom says that his thought at this point is how to make the tribe stronger. "So you're basing your vote on who the tribe can afford to lose?" Jeff asks. Big Tom nods. Jeff asks B-Rob what could cause him to be voted off. B-Rob more than obviously has absolutely no concern about being voted off, but he obligingly cites his "mouth" and "attitude." And then he says, "What else, Amber?" Jeff points out how couple-ish it is for B-Rob to consult Amber, and Jeff? I am serious when I say, I GET IT. And...wait, Jeff called Amber B-Rob's "wife"? Did I dream that? Wow, it's like common-law marriage with more night-vision cameras. Jeff asks Amber what else she does think could get B-Rob voted off, and she cites his need to keep his mouth shut.

Jeff asks Sue if she's worried it might be her. "Oh, yah," she says. "I just can be a bitch to be around sometimes." Big Tom, just behind her, makes a really funny face, so she turns around like, "You want to say something?" He doesn't. Heh. Like so many reality-show contestants, Sue cites as a weakness her genuineness and refusal to be anything she's not...yaaaawn.

Now it's voting time. A-Rob votes for Alicia. "I'm a little uneasy about this vote tonight," he says, "but if everything goes through with it, I have a feeling the next time I see you, there's going to be a big finger wagging in my face." He gives a devilish grin to the camera and folds his vote. Sue votes. Big Tom votes. Alicia votes for A-Rob. She says that the team needs more "seriousness" going forward. She is no fun. B-Rob votes. Amber votes. Jeff brings the urn to the team, and prepares to read the votes. When the first vote goes to A-Rob, he tries to stay cool. When the second vote goes to Alicia but he recognizes it as his own, A-Rob grows a little more tense. When the second vote goes A-Rob, he barely restrains himself from saying "Fuck," because that was not supposed to happen, and he knows immediately that something is amiss. When he gets a third vote, he does say "Fuck." And with the next vote, A-Rob is history, and he is obviously quite miserable about it. Frustrated, he takes his torch for the snuffing. When he's gone, Jeff sends the rest of the team back to camp with their torches.

It's interesting. As many of you know, I expected A-Rob to do a lot better than he did. He seemed off his game this entire round, almost as if, denied the opportunity to play the big-dumb-kid routine that he worked in the Amazon, he wasn't quite sure what to do. Moreover, he fell in with a tribe of people who don't really cotton to laziness, unlike last time, when he was able to settle in with people who were just as into lying around as he was. He failed to adjust to the dynamic, and that surprised me. He just didn't seem to play as well this time, and he never found a way to convince B-Rob that an alliance with A-Rob was a good idea. But of course, he was also working with the disadvantage that everybody knows now how slippery he is. The person a guy like B-Rob is going to want to get rid of first is the person he can't predict, and he knows he can't predict A-Rob's behavior, so I'm not surprised that was the boot.

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