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The Rubbing Out of Amazon Rob

Commercials. You know, I would have been skeptical about the heated seats in the Jeep Liberty until I rode in Snowmobile Boy's minivan and enjoyed a similar feature for myself. Then it warmed my butt -- now I'm a believer. ["We have those in our Jetta, and I agree; there's nothing like a toasty butt to put you in the right frame of mind for a long car ride." -- Wing Chun]

We return from commercials to a lovely sunrise over Day 11 at Camp Saboga, where Rupert explains that they have a new shelter that afforded them a few hours of sleep the previous night. "We all feel at least a hundred percent better than yesterday morning," he says with a happy grin that assures you that he has, in the long run, learned absolutely nothing from that experience, because he has already concluded that his handling of the shelter matter, while inept, was actually adorable. Jerri interviews that she "slept in," and now she's in "such a better space." She says that things are looking up at least a little: Rupert is out trying to catch some food, and she was working on waterproofing the shelter for the next bout of heavy rain. Rupert brings back another smallish fish, and as usual, he demands to be stroked extravagantly. Jenna explains that between fire, shelter, and "a big meal," they were able to get some "redemption." Jerri says, as we watch them all eat dinner, that looking "far ahead of now" (read: when Rupert is not one of only three other people she ever sees) is what's keeping her from losing her mind. She says that the storm truly did freak her out completely, and that she "literally experienced a moment where [she] realized how people go mad." That's an interesting and, you know, creepy statement.

And now, it's time for the immunity challenge. It's going to test communication within the tribe, according to Jeff. Basically, one team member will be the eyes, and will direct the other team members -- all blindfolded -- around to pick up pieces of a big cube puzzle. The cube they're ultimately building is, like, five or six feet high, so these are big puzzle pieces people are off fetching. When all the pieces are retrieved, everybody will take off the blindfolds and put the puzzle together, and the first two tribes to finish will win immunity. A-Rob and Amber are sitting out for Chapera; Shii Ann is sitting out for Mogo Mogo. The guides are going to be Hatch, Alicia, and Jerri. ["Which is sort of funny, because Jerri was the 'eyes' the first time they did this challenge, and stank at it." -- Wing Chun] "Survivors ready...go!" There is a certain amount of chaos as blindfolded people go traipsing all over a fairly crowded course. Big Tom takes the first blow as he falls forward into some shallow water. Rupert runs into Jenna. Ethan tosses a big puzzle piece right into Colby, who falls down. Oh, falling down. Always genius. Tom gets clocked in the chest with a piece carried by Sue. Tom trips and falls.

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