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The Rubbing Out of Amazon Rob

Next, in a sequence I don't understand at all, Hatch has Lex put down a piece, turn around directly away from it, and walk off. I have no idea what that's about. Did he want them to lose? Why would it benefit him for the tribe to lose immunity at this point? Is there an obvious target, other than himself? Because it looked that way, like he was deliberately doing that. I mean, Lex had the piece in hand, and Hatch made him put it down, like it was the wrong one or something. Moreover, he sends Lex so far away that he can't even see him anymore. If it were the reward challenge, I would get it -- he'd be keeping them away from the rice and more dependent on the fishing, but with immunity? I don't get it. Anyway, B-Rob then pounds Kathy with a piece he's carrying. And then, in what looks like the toughest blow of all, Colby absolutely pounds Big Tom, right in the chest/face/head/neck/brain. Knocks his hat off, throws him to the ground. "Dammit!" an observing A-Rob yells dramatically.

The first team to get all of its pieces into the playing field is Chapera, unsurprisingly. They all rip off their blindfolds, and now it's time to assemble the puzzle. Elsewhere, Rupert walks into a tree. Woo! I didn't manage to get Ethan driven into the ground like a tent stake, but at least I'm one for two. Saboga is next to finish, so they get on with the puzzle-building. Hatch has located Lex, finally, and brings him in with another piece for Mogo Mogo. They're quickly done as well. So now, it's just a puzzle-building race, and Chapera seems to be in trouble early, struggling with the fact that the sides of the finished cube have to be a solid color, although they all have a similar pattern. They start out, in other words, constructing it so that one side has a pattern that matches but is half-black and half-red. Jerri seems to take charge of the building for Saboga -- unwilling, I think, to let another challenge be taken over by Rupert and his endless bellowing. Shockingly, Saboga is the first to finish, and as you can imagine, their celebration is riotous, indeed. Lex takes over the Mogo Mogo puzzle, and rapidly, he puts it all together. Jenna cheers on Mogo Mogo, ready to see Chapera take a blow -- very understandably, considering the roll they've been on. Before you know it, Mogo Mogo fits its last piece, and indeed, Chapera is headed for its first tribal council. Jeff hands out the immunity idols to Mogo Mogo and Saboga (members of which kiss the idol like it's a long-lost relative), and the misery sets in at Chapera. As Chapera miserably walks off to contemplate its bad fortune, Rupert and Kathy exchange a handshake.

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