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Three Legs Gone
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It's morning at Espada, and Dan is so cold and tired that he loses his mind and talks to Holly. Spotting storm clouds on the horizon, he says he might quit. "What are you talking about?" Holly asks after a minute of staring at him. "Calling it quits," he says. "You can't just quit," Holly says, grabbing his arm. She interviews that she almost quit this game herself ten days ago, but stuck it out and so feels qualified to judge others for wanting to quit. "You signed up for something. Suck it up and finish!" she says. After the credits, the Espada beach still looks like crap. Holly and Yve collect firewood, giving Yve a chance to ask Holly why she and Dan didn't tell her they were voting for Tyrone. Holly says they didn't know if they could trust Yve not to tell Tyrone, since she had an alliance with him. "No. No, I didn't," Yve says. I don't think anyone had an alliance with Tyrone. He seemed to vote however he wanted and figured he was too important to get rid of. Also, Yve has lost way too much weight. She's starting to look like the guy on the posters for that Megamind movie. Scary! Yve tells Holly she thought they were looking out for each other in this game, but obviously Holly didn't feel the same way. Which is a good thing for Yve, because Holly once said she had Wendy's back and then she voted her out. Holly proposes that they be "more open and honest," starting with informing Yve that Dan wants to quit. Yve says she'll try to work with that information to keep herself in the game.

It's also raining at La Flor, but they're much happier with their tarp and nice warm fire, as tended by Jill and Marty, who seem to think the lazy young people appreciate their hard work ethic that keeps them comfortable at camp. Jill interviews that the young people sleep all the time and have a strong bond with each other, so her position in the tribe is very precarious. While Marty attempts to bond with Jud with a condescending "good morning," Brenda interviews that Jane has gotten into La Flor's good graces because she's a "good helper." Brenda does not have the same opinion of Marty and Jill, and has already planned to split the votes three and three for them at the next Tribal Council in order to get rid of either Marty or Jill and flush out Marty's immunity idol. But the fact that she's telling us this so early in the show tells me that this will not happen.

Probst welcomes the tribes to their next challenge, and La Flor is quite pleased to see Tyrone gone. "Awesome for us," Marty says. Ugh, and this is not going to be a reward challenge, but for immunity. At eight minutes in? We are in for a lot of talking tonight. Probst says they are not playing for tribal immunity this time, but for one of two individual immunity necklaces, which I think the prop department bought at a post-Mardi Gras sale at the party store. Probst says that no matter what happens, both tribes will be going to Tribal Council tonight to vote someone out, because that's always very fair. What's the point of keeping your tribe strong to win challenges if you end up going to Tribal Council no matter what? Probst explains the challenge: contestants must dig around in a sand pit with an oar for three rings, then use the oar to toss the rings in the air and catch them in a basket they're wearing on their butts for maximum silliness. First person to get all three rings wins immunity, and one winner from each tribe will face off against each other for reward in a thrilling ring toss. First person to get three rings on the pegboard wins chicken and beef kabobs, to be eaten in front of the other tribe at their Tribal Council. Ugh, so cruel. I hate it when they do that.

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