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Three Legs Gone

Espada's members race for immunity first. Shockingly, Dan appears to be the first to uncover a ring, but then he is unable to transfer it to his basket. Holly and Alina quickly dig up their rings, and Holly is the first to get hers in the basket, quickly followed by Alina and Yve. This challenge appears to favor women, but I'm not sure how. Ben is getting his first ring back to the start when Holly bags her second. YES! HOLLY IS A CHALLENGE MONSTER!!! Now when she makes it to the merge, she will dominate in the challenges and her crazy ass will stay in the game for a long time to come! Alina and Ben get their second rings in while Probst makes sure to point out to everyone how much Dan sucks for not being able to get his ring in the basket. Meanwhile, NaOnka doesn't even have a ring yet, but Probst isn't going to talk shit about her because he knows she'll beat him up. Alina and Holly come up with their final rings, but Holly gets hers in the basket and back to the start first, winning immunity. Probst awards her with a necklace with a giant cutlass on it, because immunity necklaces always have to be lined with sharp objects. This also means that for as long as Holly has that necklace, she is technically armed and dangerous. Watch out, shoes.

La Flor is next. Brenda and Sash quickly get their first rings, as both are very good at catching things with their asses. Jud, Marty, Jill, and Kelly B. follow. Jane also manages to get one ring, while that other Kelly is not able to catch hers. Why is that Kelly still here, by the way? They didn't even include her in Brenda's alliance in the previously on segment and she hasn't had one interview in like six episodes. They might as well just finish the job and edit her out completely. Marty, Kelly B., and Jill follow up with another ring each, and if Jill wins this I will be so happy. Unless it means Jane gets voted out. Then I will be very sad. Jill uncovers her third ring, but misses the toss into the ass-basket, giving Kelly B. a chance to win. But she, too, misses the basket, and Jill's second toss is good, giving her the win as well as totally (and predictably) ruining Brenda's carefully laid-out plans.

And now, two awesome older women face off for kabobs. Holly is the first to get a ring on the board, only for Jill to answer with two rings in consecutive throws. Holly ties it up, but Jill is able to land the third ring first, much to Holly's sadness. La Flor rushes out to embrace Jill, even though they also mostly hate her and are upset that she won immunity.

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