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Three Legs Gone

Espada arrives. Probst points out that Kelly B. was just voted out of La Flor, and we get no reaction shot from NaOnka. WHAT THE HELL. They spent weeks showing us interviews with NaOnka saying horrible things about Kelly B., only to deny us her reaction when her sworn enemy is voted out of the game? WHY? Anyway, La Flor dig in to their dinner. NaOnka refuses to even look in their direction, which is wise. I wouldn't look at them and I'd breath through my mouth so I couldn't smell the food, either. But she's not going to get off that easily, as Probst asks Jud for a review of the food, just in case NaOnka didn't know whether or not it was tasty. "It's so good, man. It's so good," Jud says, mouth full. NaOnka is not only annoyed that someone is rubbing her face in this, but also that it's Jud of all people. Heh heh heh. Holly says she'd give up her individual immunity to give her tribe a reward. Probst turns to Dan, saying "you can hear the ice cubes plunking in the glasses." "If it's not a martini, it doesn't bother me," Dan shrugs. Probst asks what does bother Dan. He says nothing does. If it did, he wouldn't be here. Probst asks if it would bother him to be voted out tonight. Dan says that it would.

Probst asks Yve why Dan would say nothing bothers him. Yve says Dan might say nothing bothers him, but that doesn't seem to be true, based on how much he complains at camp and how he nearly quit. Dan denies that he ever wanted to quit, but acknowledges that he does complain. "We need more positive energy and commitment," Yve decides. Probst asks Ben if he agrees that Dan is a liability in challenges. Ben says there are certainly more physical people in the tribe than Dan, but that doesn't make him "incompetent," which I don't think Probst ever said. Anyway, Probst then asks Dan the same question, because he just won't rest until Dan has admitted that he's a burden on the entire tribe and not worthy of being here instead of Jimmy Johnson. Dan says he might be weaker at "certain challenges," but he's still trying. Probst turns back to Yve and asks her "what's wrong" with Dan's "logic," that he'll give everything he has, but sometimes it might not be what they need. Um, a lot of things are wrong with that, Probst, and you know it. Yve says she gives what she has, too, and she's not a liability like Dan is, although she says she "loves the guy." "Really sounds like it," Dan mutters. "..." says the only Kelly left in the game.

Probst asks Dan if he feels "animosity" from Yve. Dan says he does, and he thinks Yve is just trying to save her own skin. Yve admits that's true. Probst asks Dan why they should vote Yve out instead of him, and he starts by saying Yve is "arrogant," which Yve strongly disagrees with, pointing out that she does not talk about her Ferraris, six cars, and three homes. "I do," Dan says. Ha! Something about the matter-of-fact way he said that cracks me up. Yve says that was kind of her point. Probst asks Alina if it's between Dan and Yve tonight. Alina says that's pretty much it, and they have to choose between someone who might cause them to lose challenges and someone who will present them with that much more competition the further along she makes it.

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